The Black Ops Cold War Beta will introduce a multiplayer ping system and a FOV Slider on all platforms.

10:40, 08 Oct 2020

The Black Ops Cold War beta is introducing a range of new features as they advance from the Alpha towards the full release of the game. Within the beta, players can expect to have their positions revealed to enemies, as they adopt the Warzone ping innovation into multiplayer and implement a Field of View slider across all platforms.

The ping system stems from Apex Legends, where players can use their D-Pad or keybinds to 'ping' a location, revealing a direction that they either intend to move towards, guard, or even reveal an enemy teams position. After being adopted in Warzone and advancing it into a 'live ping', it looks as if Treyarch is implementing the Warzone feature into multiplayer.

The patch notes revealed by Treyarch stated: "For the first time in Black Ops Multiplayer, we’re adding a locational Ping system as a feature across all MP modes, allowing you to ping objectives, loot, locations, and enemies for your teammates during a match". They further added that the ping system will be available on all of the Black Ops Cold War beta game modes, meaning you could see 12v12 team games be littered with the notifications. You can even ping enemy Scorestreaks such as Spy Planes.


The beta will also include a Field of View slider across all platforms for the first time ever. Previously being a feature exclusive to PC, the slider will be added to all platforms, allowing players to adjust the amount of detail they want on their screen. This is another way that the developers are optimizing Black Ops Cold War for a globally connected, cross-play experience, especially as the Call of Duty League Challengers scene has been confirmed to be using any platform they choose. This makes for a much more competitive friendly standpoint.

The Black Ops Cold War beta kicks off on October 8, and if you're fortunate enough to grab a new code, make sure to enjoy these new features.



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Image via Activision

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