MrBeast has high hopes for Beast Gaming and wants to his team to make the most of League of Legends in the LCS.

14:39, 19 Feb 2021

Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast, has explained his ambitions for the newly named Beast Gaming and the competitive League of Legends scene. While MrBeast is known for being part of the big leagues on YouTube, his first foray into esports is a little more understated. He has big plans to brand his team as Beast Gaming and enter the North America LoL scene as part of the League of Legends Championship Series. 

Players branching out into owning their own teams is nothing new, and you only have to look at what Matthew "Nadeshot Haag" has done to see it means big business. Added to this, there are still hopes DrDisrespect could head up his own gaming org to give 100T a run for its money. When it comes to MrBeast, Donaldson has gone back to content creation and things have gone a little quiet on the Beast Gaming front. Now, he's back to reassure his fans he means business and the idea of Beast Gaming is more than just a flash in the pan. 


What are the plans for MrBeast in the LCS?

Heading back to his 24-hour giveaway stream (via Dexerto), one eager fan wanted to know whether MrBeast was still planning on heading up his own team. Without hesitation, Donaldson replied, "Oh yeah, not even thinking, it’s happening. Definitely not this season or… the summer split either. But we are definitely going to have a ‘Beast Gaming’ League of Legends Team. One hundred percent". 

Explaining what's next, MrBeast added, "I definitely want one. I don’t want to say too much [about] what I have planned. But… it would just be so much fun". As for his love of LoL, Donaldson revealed he plans to turn that passion into a gaming business model. He continued, "I spend so much time watching so… I might as well watch one of my teams, you know what I mean?” All of that was months ago, but now there's an update...



When could we see MrBeast's LCS team?

After seemingly forgetting about his hopes and dreams, MrBeast popped up on Twitter to remind fans LCS is firmly in his sights. When a tweet saying "Imagine if@MrBeastYT made his own esports org SHEESH" started doing the rounds, the man himself responded and told the Twitterverse, "I just want a league team, prob won’t be for two years because I have a lot going on atm". 

MrBeast's response blew up and everyone was here for it. However, critics asked why he'd confine himself to just LoL. One wrote, "How come you just want a league team, would it not be smart to go in a direction of entertainment as well?", while another added, "I hope you consider expanding from just League into other things though. I could see you doing such big things with an org ran by yourself". 


Even if MrBeast stays on track, the earliest date Beast Gaming would potentially be ready for LCS would be 2023. By the sounds of it, Donaldson is tinkering away behind the scenes, meaning we could have a bit of a wait before we see him tackle LCS. Whatever he's working on, it sounds like it's time to "release the Beast". 



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