Jon Spector and Chris Chung provide clarity.

14:27, 13 Oct 2020

Hold steady, Shock fans. Initially, in a now-deleted tweet, Grant "moth" Espe announced that his contract with the San Francisco Shock was going to come to an end and that he was open to all offers for the 2021 season. Shortly after, moth deleted the tweet, stating that he had been giving conflicting information whether or not he was allowed to share the information.

A couple of hours after the two tweets, moth clarified his intentions also attaching statements from Vice President of the Overwatch League Jon Spector and San Francisco Shock General Manager Chris Chung. Spector once again clarified the already released roster construction dates which state that moth won't become a free agent until October 23 at the earliest. According to the timeline, October 12 marked the day when it was possible for teams to re-sign their season 3 players to a new contract or to extend the existing ones based on the respective player contract.

Chris Chung once again clarified the above and also stated the following in a Discord message.

He said: "We love moth and moth loves SF Shock. As it is no mystery moth is a free agent for 2021, it doesn't mean moth is a free agent to 19 teams. He's a free agent to ALL 20 teams. (That includes us) What I can say is that we aren't satisfied with [two] championships. We are going for a [three]-peat!"

Already last week, players of the Los Angeles Gladiators had been announced to be departing from the team for the next season. Fans can expect many more of these types of news to drop in the next couple of days until teams are allowed to sign free agents and thus announce additions to their roster that doesn't arrive due to a direct trade between Overwatch League franchises.

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