'Most Wanted' is a new contract that will be introduced this week into Warzone, which will let you get your squad back from the dead.

20:17, 27 Apr 2020

Are you tired of wasting $4500 on your teammate after they get a whooping in the Gulag? Well in recent Call of Duty news, a new contract will be available in Warzone which can bring your squad back to life without spending a penny.

The ‘Most Wanted’ contract will be high risk, high reward. At the expense of becoming a bounty for the whole map, you will be rewarded with the redeployment of your fallen team members.

In an update coming on the 29th April at 7am GMT, the Most Wanted contract will be found in similar locations to the existing contracts and will be activated in the same way. Once activated, the players alive on your team will become a bounty target for all remaining players in the game. If you manage to survive the time of the contract, you will be rewarded with the redeployment of your teammates who need to be bought back. Sounds perfect for those who have a squad terrible in the Gulag.

It will mean people will be coming up on your map as a bounty much more frequently, and teams will be rotating in to try and get the kill, as they will be rewarded with cash, alike completing a bounty contract. It could be worth picking teams off who are moving inwards.

As with being a bounty target, if you have activated the Most Wanted Contract, it is advisable to stay on the move; even though it is tempting to climb to the top of the fire station. Whilst the towers do provide good cover, even if you survive the bounty you will still have teams crawling around in nearby buildings, meaning that they will pick you off when you rotate in with the gas. Staying on the move, especially in vehicles can limit the chances of being surrounded. Just beware of RPG’s.

The Most Wanted Contract will be best activated if you are a sole member of your team left with little cash. This will give yourself the best opportunity to get a full squad back and get that all-important Warzone win.

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Image via Activision

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