It's set to go down as Capcom's best-selling single-platform game ever.

19:10, 29 Apr 2021

When you think of titles landing on Nintendo Switch, your mind will often wander to small furry creatures caught up inside a Mary Poppins-like bag full to the brim with Pokeballs, a dozy daisy-picking dwelling dictator named Tom Nook, or its-a-me an Italian plumber here to fix your pipes and flex a moustache to a fruitful princess.

However, going into 2021, Capcom and Nintendo paired to venture to the darker side of the moon and create Monster Hunter Rise. The demonic beast slaying adventure game has hit instant success, rocketing in sales like Apollo 13. 

After being released just over a month ago on March 26, Monster Hunter Rise has now sold over six million copies, coming in hot as one of the best-selling Switch titles behind the likes of Animal Crossing.

The figures also spark internal records, as the six million units sold now has the game on course to become Capcom's best-selling single-platform game. With just 300,000 sales left to eclipse the 6.3 million recorded by SNES exclusive Street Fighter II, Monster Hunter Rise will likely surpass this in the coming week. 


The preceding title, Monster Hunter: World notched up an impressive 16.8 million units sold, both digitally and hard copies, having been released on PC. 


Monster Hunter Rise is expected to be Switch-exclusive until 2022, with Capcom seemingly eager to measure the success on Nintendo's hand-held console before launching the PC variant. No doubt, upon the PC launch, sales will once again breath a dragon-like fire and burn through the chequebooks of anticipating gamers and parents worldwide. 

Capcom's year has continued to excel following Monster Hunter's release, as well as continuing support for Resident Evil 3 Remastered and the upcoming Village title. 



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Image via Capcom

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