Mojang Is Working On Multiple New Minecraft Games

Mojang Is Working On Multiple New Minecraft Games
Images via Mojang Studios

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Joseph Kime


24th Sep 2021 10:18

It’s no secret that Minecraft is an insanely popular game, but its cultural poise is something that nobody could have predicted. From its humble roots blossomed potentially the biggest blast of online popularity the video game world has ever seen, and the sandbox game has topped worldwide charts ever since.

Minecraft shows no sign of slowing down, even 10 years after its official release, and Mojang has been comfortable since.

Minecraft Dungeons saw some love upon its release, but didn’t quite stick the landing as its predecessor did. Now, it looks like Mojang are giving it another spin, as some even more Minecraft games are in development.

Mojang Reportedly Working On Two New Minecraft Games

Two New Minecraft Games Are In The Works
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After the lukewarm launch of Dungeons, sources at Windows Central have revealed that Mojang is working on two new titles set in the “Minecraft universe”. It has been assured that these games are totally original, and will not be directly connected to either Minecraft or Minecraft Dungeons.

Rumours of these games arriving have been teased by a series of images that Mojang has been sharing recently - including a series of sweet-looking Minecraft reimaginings.

They’re very lovely-looking pixel-art style games, and while it is unclear if these are mere ideas or part of a game that the team is actually working on, it still looks very wholesome. But, of course, this begs the question…

What Games Is Mojang Working On?

Two New Minecraft Games Are In The Works
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One of the images shows off a 2D environment, with Steve, an Enderman, and a Snow Golem. Could this be one of the games Mojang is working on? Is Minecraft moving to secure the 2D bag left by Terraria’s departure?

Another screenshot has shown a game that is a little more top-down, which looks a bit more Stardew Valley-esque. Maybe we’ll be getting a Minecraft title that focuses more on the farming side of the title for all you farm-sim lovers? 

Gamers won’t truly know until we get some announcements, but either way, Minecraft is a deeply creative framework for any type of game, so there’s every chance we could be surprised by what’s to come. We're "bricking" it as we can’t wait to find out what’s next.


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