Former CS:GO professional Mohamad 'm0E' Assad lost his cool during a match of VALORANT and smashed his keyboard in anger.

09:49, 18 Nov 2020

We’ve all been guilty of losing our rag at a game and throwing a tantrum, however, when it comes to Mohamad "m0E" Assad, he’s taken it to a whole new level during a round of VALORANT. The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) legend has recently gone the way of so many players and hopped over to Riot Games’ first-person shooter. While m0E was a regular fixture of Train, he can now be found stalking around Haven and Icebox. 

The incident occurred when m0E approached B Site on Split. In a split-second of misery, his keyboard randomly disconnected and a rival player spotted him. With m0E in their crosshairs, the opponent took him out when he was briefly unable to move. What followed was the streamer venting his frustration on that poor, innocent, keyboard.


After pummeling his keyboard with fists of fury, Assad fully disconnected is and angrily hurled it across the room. For those questioning whether the keyboard survived the ordeal, he later returned with a different one, suggesting his OG keyboard was a little worse for wear.

Althoguh m0E took some time away from his stream, he posted the clip on Twitter and left a scathing review of his Ducky keyboard. He told his followers, "I'll never buy a sh*tty @DuckyChannel keyboard again. been using them for years and somehow convince myself them breaking all the time is ok". He's clearly looking for a new keyboard, so if you know a good one, why not slide into his DMs?

On his stream, m0E didn't hold back as he continued to rant: “That f*****g Ducky piece of sh*t just breaks randomly for no f*****g reason dude, I’m so f*****g mad. I’m a f***** streamer for how many years and I don’t have a working keyboard. F**k Ducky I spent so much money on that keyboard and for no f*****g reason, they still have a keyboard that you have to connect to the back. Why do I have to connect it via a sh***y f*****g micro-USB connection and it just dies randomly for no f*****g reason?”


Assad also said the incident is his final straw with VALORANT and he'll have to find something else to play. Still, we expect he'll be suiting back up for a match soon. Hopefully, m0E has found a keyboard that he gets on with a little better.



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Images via Twitch | Riot Games

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