With players such as Seagull, Ace and Hutch in action, who's going to take the share of the $250k prize pool?

13:00, 10 Dec 2019

On December 9th, Activision announced the Modern Warfare Streamer Invitational tournament. Four teams of streamers located across the world will compete in five-versus-five matches for a chance to win the lion’s share of $250,000 in prize money. Let’s take a look at the participants and which teams are in contention to take home the top spot.

Team 1
• A-Seagull
• Hitchariide
• ShivFPS
• AdmiralBahoo
• imaSpaceBoy

The notable players to watch from this first team will be ShivFPS, Hitch and A-Seagull. Seagull has a wealth of experience competing thanks to his time in the Overwatch League while Hitch can be found streaming competitive Call of Duty matches on a regular basis. Shiv is no stranger to FPS titles either so this trio of players could well push this team into championship contention.

Seagull for Dallas Fuel
Seagull for Dallas Fuel | Blizzard Entertainment

Team 2
• Ace
• Symfuhny
• JoblessGarrett
• StodehTV
• LordKebun

As one of the youngest players in the field, Ace has quickly established himself as one of the top Apex Legends players on the planet. Symfuhny is known for his Fortnite prowess so it will certainly be interesting to see how he transitions to an FPS game. For this team, StodehTV could be the difference maker. The FPS streamer knows the ins and outs of most shooters so a solid showing from him could see this team place in the top three.

Team 3
• Aydan
• CrReam
• OfficialValkia
• LuluLovely
• Mizkif

This team is likely to heavily rely on the talents of Fortnite pro Aydan and top Overwatch streamer OfficialValkia. The high speed and high levels of aggression that these two possess could well catch those unfamiliar with Modern Warfare off-guard. For me, this team is the dark horse of the competition and is one to keep a close eye on.

Team 4
• AvaGG
• TeePee
• Vivid
• Hutch
• Vader

This team is my pick to win the tournament. Captained by 2014 Call of Duty world champion and Blackout extraordinaire Tyler “TeePee” Polchow, his Call of Duty expertise will shine through as one of the top players in the whole tournament. Keep close eyes on Fortnite ace Vivid and Modern Warfare YouTuber Hutch. Hutch has plenty of experience playing CoD which could help teammates that are less familiar with the game.

1st – Team 4
2nd – Team 1
3rd – Team 2
4th- Team 3

The games start tonight @ 4pm EST, you can check out all the games here.

Image Credit | Activision Blizzard

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