The new update will bring two multiplayer maps and a further two for Gunfight.

11:09, 22 Feb 2021

Modern Warfare, to all of its turbulence especially in the competitive category, is commended for its ability to retain a large number of loyal players despite the prevalence of Black Ops Cold War

With the new instalment of the Call of Duty franchise being applauded and the free-to-play battle royale Warzone being the most popular implementation ever introduced by Activision, Modern Warfare's development has yet to be stifled.

Amid rumours that Modern Warfare Season 6 was set to be the last update to the title with their focus shifted elsewhere, it now seems that a Season 7 will be on its way.

Recent leaks have suggested that alongside the major Season 2 update to Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, Modern Warfare's next season will include four new multiplayer maps including one classic.

Modern Warfare Season 7 Maps

Two maps will come in for 6v6 battles, those being a brand-new outdoors wasteland called Al Raab Airbase and a piece of Call of Duty memorabilia plucked from CoD 4: Killhouse.

Killhouse comes akin to those maps that players seem to love such as Shipment and Shoothouse. Boasting a close-quarters and high ante gameplay, high kill games and mass destruction is inevitable.

Killhouse Modern Warfare Season 7

Two further maps will come in as Gunfight zones, tailored towards 2v2 gameplay. Townhouse (very creative with these names, Activision) and Drainage will become available, although details of both are relatively scarce. 

New Weapons In Modern Warfare Season 7

Alongside the new maps will be three new weapons that will land in Warzone. The Sykov pistol (formerly known as the Makarov) is set to land, with players already getting a taste of it through glitches in the BR. With the ability to be warped into Dual Weild with 80 Round Magazines, this pistol comes in as a tremendously feared weapon despite its minute size.


The CX-9 SMG will also be available upon the update's launch, whilst the Raal MG LMG will come mid-season.

Both Modern Warfare Season 7 and Black Ops Cold War Season 2 are expected to be launched as of February 25.



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Image via Activision

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