Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 Hints at 5-Man Warzone Mode

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 Hints at 5-Man Warzone Mode

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Jack Marsh


4th Aug 2020 09:53

The trailer for Modern Warfare Season 5 was released last night (August 3), and amongst a huge amount of new features, some eagle-eyed fans have noticed something that hints towards bigger squads in Warzone.

The trailer confirmed many new additions coming to Modern Warfare Season 5, most notably the changes to Warzone, with zip lines to taller buildings, a moving train throughout Verdansk, and the Stadium being opened all being introduced.

However, upon a second look and a breakdown of the trailer, fans have realised that there are five people in the chopper that can be seen throughout, hinting at a game mode with up to five people in one squad.

So far we have seen teams of up to four fly into Verdansk, with the only larger squads coming in a limited-time game mode: Warzone Rumble, which featured teams of 50 in a huge Team Death Match across Verdansk.

The helicopter visible in the trailer shows four players sat on the outside of the chopper, with a designated driver, which going off recent trailers and leaks, is a purposeful inclusion from Activision. So far it is unclear whether this will be a limited-time game mode or a permanent feature, but it certainly adds a new dynamic to Warzone.

In the trailer, we also get the first glimpse of many multiplayer features coming in Modern Warfare Season 5, such as a range of maps, operators, weapons, skins and finishing moves.

The maps coming include ‘Airport’, which will feature in Ground War as a snippet of Verdansk. The longest-standing Call of Duty fans would have noticed that the Suldal Harbor 6v6 map which is being introduced is a remake of ‘Harbor’ from the first-ever COD. This joins Petrov Oil Rig as the two 6v6 maps introduced this season. Finally, also plucked from Verdansk, Livestock will be a 3v3 gunfight map featuring the building from Warzone’s Farmland.

The update is set to go live on August 5, at roughly 6am BST, where you will get access to all the new features.

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Image via Call of Duty | Activision

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