With Modern Warfare Season 4 on the horizons, there has been many discussions on what will change, one being the future of the Dam.

16:59, 26 May 2020

Modern Warfare Season 4 is just one week away, leaving just seven days remaining to get your battle pass tiers up to level 100. June 2nd will see Season 4 be introduced, and with it we expect some changes to Warzone.

It was previously rumoured that one of these changes will be to the map. A video was released hinting that players will move from Verdansk to Urzikistan, where most of the campaign is set, however, in recent Call of Duty news, Verdansk and the Gulag are set to stay, although changes are expected. A teaser from Activision all but confirmed that Verdansk is remaining as the Warzone map, and coinciding with the Bunkers being opened, it is safe to say that we will still be deploying to places such as Airport and TV Station.

One place that is set to change though is Dam. In the same teaser video, which also confirmed Captain Price to be coming to Modern Warfare as an Operator, there were heavy links to the use of ‘Bunker 11’, which we now know contains an atomic bomb, better known as in the Call of Duty fandom as a tactical nuke.


Within the bunker is a button which you can press to activate the nuke, although nothing happens, which indicates that the nuke will go off at some stage. Although we would love this to go off in Downtown and rid us of the plague that is rooftop campers, Bunker 11 is located nearby the Dam, and there has been evidence that the Dam will be the first victim of a major change to the Warzone map.

Firstly, we can take a look at the various loading screens throughout Modern Warfare. They show flowing water gushing down the Dam, which is curious as in Warzone, the Dam is frozen. It appears sceptical that Activision would insert various loading screens showing gushing water, yet not insert it into the game. This was our first clue as to the Dam being affected. The character loading screen, seen in pre-match lobbies, also shows operators walking across the Dam, quite a coincidence considering there are many more areas of Verdansk that could have been used. As a pretty useless area of the map, it is strange that Dam is used in this way. In the background of the main menu screen, as your character crosses the Dam, you can also see water spraying in the background, with puddles being cast across the top platform, further hinting at an explosion.


Secondly, it appears that water has been seeping, with some of the ice melting. In the river that leads from the Dam to various parts of the map, the ice appears to be slowly melting, with water, algae and shrubs being found in the riverbeds increasingly frequently. This could be another hint that these riverbeds will be filled with water in the future, after the Dam has been blown up, allowing a surge of water to flow from it.

Warzone wouldn’t be the first Battle Royale to optimise the use of rivers either, with Call of Duty Blackout containing rivers, and boats which you can use upon them. Useful for mobility and quick escapes, the water was used effectively within Blackout, and would be a welcome change within Warzone. This could also be useful to avoid many confrontations in open areas, with most final circles leading to an area of the map which requires players to cross the riverbeds. Being able to dip into the water to avoid being a sitting duck for snipers could be an effective method of movement for players.


With this being said, the map changes for Modern Warfare Season 4 could likely be shown in a live event, similar to the Fortnite live events. Activision released a cryptic message which stated that there will be a 'Warzone Meeting' and that they will be discussing 'Target Denver' which can be inferred as Target D, or the Dam. However, the date of the 'meeting' was May 21st, which was the release day of the previously mentioned teaser released by Activision, leaving fans wondering whether there would actually be a live event after all. With the success of Fortnite's live events, in particular, the Travis Scott concert, Call of Duty could very well replicate this, in something like the pregame lobbies, but without the weapons. 

Nothing has yet been confirmed, but with all of these hints, there fireworks to be expected for Modern Warfare Season 4, fireworks which make huge explosions.

Stay tuned at GGRecon for more Call of Duty news as it breaks, and Warzone guides.

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