After being delayed by Activision due to a good cause, Season 4 has officially been announced.

08:51, 10 Jun 2020

After weeks of anticipation and waiting, Modern Warfare Season 4 has officially been revealed to the public. The update will go live tomorrow at 7am GMT. Here's what to expect:

New Operators: Captain Price & Sargeant Garrick

Captain Price, Call of Duty's most beloved character, will be joining multiplayer and Warzone. Price is set to join Allegiance and will be unlocked through the Battle Pass, with multiple skins to be gained in higher tiers.

Sergeant 'Gaz' Garrick will most likely come to us at a later date, just as Ronin, Talon and Iskra came in later patches throughout Season 3 with Alex being the Battle Pass Operator.

Image via Call of Duty Twitter | @CallofDuty | Activision

New Weapons: Galil & Vector

The two weapons that will be introduced will be the Assault Rifle, Galil, and Submachine Gun, Vector. Both weapons have featured in the past Call of Duty games, but will come to Season 4 with great anticipation, especially with the gun meta becoming seemingly tedious. The Galil could rival the M4A1 in the AR department as it usually boasts a fine balance of fire rate, damage, and good control. The Vector could also come as an alternative to the MP5 which has been the most prominent SMG thus far, a mix up which would go down well in the community.

New Maps: Scrapyard

Scrapyard is set to be remastered for Season 4, joining Crashed, Vacant, Rust, Taslik Backlot and Hardhat in the remastered maps seen in Modern Warfare. A small map with crashed planes, much like Boneyard in Warzone, will offer a mixture of AR and SMG play, with two long stretches either side of the map for Marksmen Rifles to go to work. 

Image via Activision

Changes to Warzone:

No changes to Warzone have been confirmed, but there are many hints at changes within the preview that was released. 

The Season 4 trailer shows glimpses of the following:

  • Night Time mode in Warzone, a limited-time playlist
  • Tanks and new armoured vehicles in Warzone
  • The use of Chemical weapons in Warzone
  • Juggernauts

All of these are hypothetical, however, it's rare that Activision place scenes within trailers that don't come to fruition within the game.

Furthermore, there have been rumours that the atomic bomb which can be found in the newly-opened bunker 11 will cause havoc within Verdansk, with ties to an explosion to the Dam. We may see this during Season 4, with a live event a likely situation.

Battle Pass

From the Battle Pass, alongside Captain Price, you will be able to unlock a variety of gun charms, weapon variant blueprints, emotes and sprays, vehicle skins, calling cards and emblems, and brand new finishing moves. With another 100 tiers, this Battle Pass will allow for much more creativity and customisation within Modern Warfare.

For updates on the Battle Pass, and further Season 4 updates, stay tuned here at GGRecon.

Image via Call of Duty Twitter | @CallofDuty | Activision

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