Season 2 of Modern Warfare has been released! Here is everything you need to know including maps, weapons, gamemodes and... battle royale?

20:00, 12 Feb 2020

The second season of post-launch content has gone live on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. There is plenty of content to get stuck into, everything from legendary maps returning, brand-new weapons, new Gunfight maps and a massive tease at a brand-new section of the game.

In this article, find absolutely everything you need to know about season two of Modern Warfare.

Returning Favourites

After being teased in the weeks leading up to the release of season two, Simon “Ghost” Riley makes his return to the Modern Warfare franchise as the latest addition to the Operators in the game.

Along with the return of Ghost, iconic Call of Duty map Rust makes its long-awaited return to the franchise. The map goes largely unchanged from its predecessor but the addition does not come as a surprise as the game file for the map was found by data-miners during the beta for the game.

New Weapons

Two new base weapons are now live in Modern Warfare, the GRAU 5.56 Assault Rifle and the Striker 45 sub-machine gun. The GRAU is an extremely powerful rifle with a moderate rate of fire while the Striker 45 strikes an uncanny resemblance to the UMP 45 SMG from Modern Warfare 2. Who’d have thought it, in the year 2020, Call of Duty containing rust and a UMP replica?!

On the roadmap, there was also another weapon that is set for release later on in the season but no details surrounding the weapon were revealed.

New Maps

Alongside the old classic of Rust, one new map for multiplayer and one for Ground War were released. Atlas Superstore and Zhokov Boneyard are the latest maps for players to get their teeth stuck into. From a competitive perspective, it is unclear as to whether Atlas Superstore could be used in competition, adding some much-needed refreshment into an otherwise dull map pool.

The second multiplayer map, Khandor Hideout is scheduled for release at a later point during the season. Here’s hoping it is a return to a more traditional map design!

For Gunfight, Rust is now in the map pool alongside Bazaar, a close-quarters map set in a Middle-Eastern marketplace.

New Playlists

After a successful debut, Gunfight tournaments will be making a return on Modern Warfare. Players will compete in Gunfight matches in a 16-team bracket, where the winner will receive exclusive cosmetic items.

On the other end of the spectrum, a Call of Duty League playlist has been added. For fans looking to get a taste of the game that the CDL players are competing on, the playlist contains all the rules, maps and game modes that are used in competitive play. Unfortunately, the gentleman’s agreement used by the professional players has not been taken into consideration, meaning that the CDL playlist hardly resembles what the likes of the London Royal Ravens and the Chicago Huntsmen are competing on. Another massive oversight from Infinity Ward, a developer that has NEVER added a dedicated ranked playlist into any of its Call of Duty titles.


The opening cutscene on season two sees soldiers jumping out the back of a plane, heavily hinting at the rumoured battle royale mode coming to Modern Warfare. Allegedly named “Call of Duty: Warzone” the battle royale mode is set to release imminently, much to the delight of many Call of Duty fans that have grown tired of the multiplayer mode.

If the battle royale mode is well-received, then the reboot of Modern Warfare could well be a success after all.


Image via Activision Blizzard.

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