One creative Call of Duty player has been going on a murderous Modern Warfare rampage using a piano as a controller.

03:45, 18 Oct 2020

While we're all used to seeing some pretty epic kills in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, more and more fans are coming up with creative ways to get that deadly shot. Now, one plucky player has been pulling off jaw-dropping kills using a piano.

We might be using a keyboard playing CoD on a computer, however, when it comes to Twitch user DeanoBeano, he's trying something incredibly different. Following in the footsteps of the streamer killing rivals using nothing but a drum kit, he's back with a new instrument in his crosshairs.

I just snapped with a piano LMAO from r/modernwarfare

Barely a day goes by without Reddit or Twitter spitting out some sort of new and inventive way to kill, but using a piano in Call of Duty could be one of the most unusual yet. DeanoBeano's kills have gone viral on Reddit as he uses piano keys to take clean shots at others. With four shots and four kills, it's a record that most of us would be lucky to get with a normal controller, let alone a keyboard.

In the clip, DeanoBeano uses a sniper to down three enemies as they head toward him. He then switches to a sliding shotgun to take out a player coming round the corner. They don't know what's hit them before they're down and out. When it comes to how DeanoBeano has coded the keyboard, it looks like movement has been programmed similar to WASD on a standard keyboard. Other keys control the movements of the sights and allow him to shoot. All in all, it's a pretty impressive piece of engineering.

I got a killing spree on drums LMAO from r/modernwarfare

His drum kit kill back in August grabbed headlines with just one, so the fact he's topped this with another three is glorious to behold. Added to this, the fact DeanoBeano is continuously tapping his keys means his clip comes with its own comedic soundtrack. 

Watching players being killed by a piano is "music" to our ears, but the question is, what's next? Who'd like to see DeanoBeano striking down opponents with a whole orchestra of instruments? Personally, we'd like to see him do it with a triangle. 


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Images via Activision | Unsplash @dsquared43

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