New maps, game modes and weapons. Everything that came with the recent Modern Warfare Update.

17:30, 19 May 2020

In recent Call of Duty news, another whopping 30gb update was released on May 18th, including new maps, game modes and weapons. Here's everything that came with the recent patch:

New Multiplayer Maps - Hardhat & Aisle 9

Popular Modern Warfare 3 map, Hardhat, has been remastered for Modern Warfare. Confirmed to be coming to the game since Season Three was announced, Hardhat is officially available to play. You can jump straight in with the Hardhat 24/7 playlist.

Aisle 9 will also be available in Gunfights, as a small section of Atlas Superstore has been introduced to the 2v2 & 3v3 playlists.


Warzone Updates

Most Wanted Contract is back, in addition to the existing three contracts. You can now choose to be the games Most wanted to redeploy your squad for free! The duration of the bounty has also been reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes.

Armour Boxes are available to be looted. You can Resupply the whole teams' armour by looting these on the ground or purchasing them from the buy station. Shield turret has been swapped out of the Buy Station at the expense of the Armour Boxes, but can still be found in loot boxes.

Blood Money Quads replaces Blood Money Trios.

Gulag weapons have been swapped. Pistols and Shotguns have been swapped out for Assault Rifles and SMG's. You can now find the following as your weapon in the 1v1 gunfight:

  • Kilo 141
  • M4A1
  • AK-47
  • M13
  • SCAR
  • Ram-7
  • MP5
  • AUG
  • P90
  • Striker 45

New Blueprints can be looted. A legendary SKS Rifle, a legendary Kilo 141, a legendary MP7, an epic AUG, an epic FAL, and an epic AX-50 can be looted on the ground.

Adjustments to the gas have been made, where the final circle will move rather than enclose a stationary area.

Warzone Battle Image 18jpg

Gun Balances

RPGs have been nerfed (Warzone). They have reduced the RPG kill radius for players with full armour.

Renetti Pistols have been nerfed. The damage has been reduced when both the Akimbo and MK3 Burst attachments are both equipped, alongside a significant hip fire spread increase.

FAL and SCAR have had a decrease in ADS time.

VLK Rogue has been buffed. With an increase of fire rate and damage with the 6" Revolt barrel, the VLK Rogue now kicks more of a punch,

Holger 26 significantly buffed. With a range of new attachment balances, the Holger 26 has had a major increase in mobility, and its recoil has been reduced.

Mara_01 Brandedjpg

Multiplayer Playlist Update

Hardhat 24/7 is available to celebrate the introduction of Hardhat

Blueprint Gunfight remains.

One in the Chamber is available to play.

Other Notable fixes

Some further bug fixes have been included, such as a fix to the glitch where you could be immune to the gas after being redeployed in Warzone. A bug fix has been implemented to where some players were not receiving XP in Hardpoint.


Stay tuned at GGRecon for more Call of Duty news and updates.

Images via Activision

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