Strange Modern Warfare exploit lets you pick up unlimited guns.

14:13, 31 Jul 2020

A Modern Warfare glitch has been discovered, which allows you to carry unlimited weapons. The new hack will allow you to beam your way up the pipes on Rust with an MP5, spawn kill an enemy with an M4A1 before pulling off a 360 quick scope with an AX-50 from the top, carrying them all on your character, alongside a Shield Turret.

YouTuber 'Bubs' first exploited the glitch that allows for 'unlimited weapons', should you have earned enough points/kills to earn a Shield Turret.

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The glitch works by placing your Shield Turret down and hopping off it quickly and picking up a weapon off the floor. If there are multiple weapons in the area you can do this repeated times and begin to form a full one-man army in your arsenal.

So far, the glitch only works on Multiplayer and co-op, with it not yet being done on Warzone, although this is where the glitch would excel. Can you imagine running a sub-machine gun, assault rifle, sniper and RPG in the same class? Verdansk is trembling.

Infinity Ward are known to have a good record for quickly patching glitches of this nature in updates, meaning it will likely be removed when the Modern Warfare Season 5 update arrives on August 4.

Alongside this glitch, players have been asking for the removal of a Warzone gitch which deploys your parachute unnecessarily causing players to die in 1v1 gunfights.

By jumping in Warzone, players would experience an automatic deployment of the parachute, despite not being at the height required for it to come out, and whilst trying to shoot their guns. 

Previously, Infinity Ward has patched bugs such as Kreuger’s eyes coming out of his character model while performing the Brassed Off execution, and an issue where players could spawn under the map after winning their Gulag match, so it is likely that these two glitches that are plaguing Modern Warfare will be fixed very shortly.

Season 5 will also play host to two new guns that could go hand in hand with the unlimited weapons glitch. It is heavily rumoured that the AN-94 from the Black Ops series will be coming into Modern Warfare in some form, as well as the APC9 submachine gun. With the glitch you can even try these out alongside your go to primary weapon.

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Image via Activision

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