Everything you need to know about finishing moves in Modern Warfare and Warzone.

17:05, 17 Apr 2020

I’ve died on Call of Duty in remarkable fashion in the past. Haven’t we all? I’ve been 360 quick-scoped, throwing knifed across the map, blown up by toy cars in Black Ops, and even had a dog set on me in Modern Warfare Three. But the current Modern Warfare brought a new aspect into losing my life. Finishing moves. Coming in various forms, finishing moves are a melee cinematic where your operator will perform a brutal but incredibly awesome routine to get a kill, and these are perfect revenge on those pesky campers. Popping dead silence to creep behind them, there’s something immensely satisfying about your operator picking the camper and slamming them through the floor, or whichever finishing move you choose to pick. Here’s our all of our most recent Call of duty tips regarding Modern Warfare finishing moves.

How to unlock finishing moves in Modern Warfare

Each operator comes with their own finishing move, which don’t need to be unlocked. You can preview an operator’s finishing move on the operator customisation page. You can also unlock more finishing moves in the Battle Pass, or by purchasing bundles from the store.

Modern Warfare Finishing Move

How to perform a finishing move in Modern Warfare

Finishing moves are a melee attack, meaning that you will have to use the melee button to perform this skill. On Xbox that is the RS (Right analog stick) on the default button layout, or B on the tactical loadout. For PS3 that’s R3 on default or Circle on Tactical. To perform a finishing move you will need to stand directly behind your opponent and hold down the melee button. It’s that simple. But it’s not really that simple. You need to be directly behind your opponent which in multiplayer can be difficult, especially on objective-based game modes like Domination and Hardpoint. You stand more of a chance of performing these in Search and Destroy or Cyber Hack where enemies will be taking it slow and there are fewer people on the map to see you sneak up on someone. To get many finishing move kills, we recommend running Dead Silence as your field upgrade, with Tuned as your Perk three to get your field upgrade back as quick as possible.

More finishing moves tips.

Be careful of where you do them. They take a couple of seconds to perform and take the surroundings into consideration. You can still fall off buildings, or crash through doors using these.

Also, make sure that you do them whilst there are no teammates around, as they can still kill the enemy whilst you are performing the move on them, and you can bet your bottom dollar that they’ll do so.

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