Apex Legends fans are promised that Mirage will be getting a much-needed buff in Season 7 of Respawn's first-person shooter.

13:35, 24 Oct 2020

Move over Pathfinder, it looks like someone else is about to get a major buff in Apex Legends. You asked for it, and now, fan-favourite Mirage is getting a much-needed boost in the upcoming Season 7.

Mirage may have been part of Respawn Entertainment's beloved first-person shooter since its debut last year, but apart from a buff in Season 5, he's largely been put out to pasture. 

Despite Rampart's fresh-faced arrival in Apex as part of Season 6, she's also getting a buff alongside her tenant. Discussing what's on the way, Game Designer Daniel Klein promised, “Both of those are in there". Elsewhere, Pathfinder is finally getting a controversial buff to his grappling hook - which some players consider a nerf at times.


What buff is Mirage getting in Apex Legends Season 7?

Mirage's Season 5 buff allowed Apex Legends players to control decoys, enjoy a reduced invisibility timer, and add more bamboozles. You could still tell the "real" Mirage through the likes of footstep audio, but on the whole, it offered some major changes to the Legend. Now, he's going under the knife once again. So, just what can Apex Legends fan expect from Mirage's buff?


Discussing the buff on Reddit, Klein described decoys firing blanks as the "nuclear option". Although he didn't delve into too much detail because he didn't want to spoil the surprise, Klein explained, "I have no doubt that it would be effective and powerful, but the amount of damage it would do to combat readability and just sheer confusion scares me. I'm trying something different for 7.0 (which also has some combat readability issues, but IMO not as bad as having the decoys fire blanks)". He simply rounded off by saying, "Let's see how it goes". 


What is Apex Legends Season 7's release date?

Mirage Apex Legends

Much like Pathfinder's sometimes forgotten status, Mirage buffs have been on the cards for what seems like an eternity. At least we now know they're definitely on the way in the 7.0.0 update. Better yet, we'll see the new and improved Mirage a week earlier than expected. Although Respawn has nixed the Season 6 Battle Pass early, it means Season 7 has been bumped up to November 4.


Of course, Mirage's buffs are relatively minor compared to what else is coming in Season 7. As well as whispers of the new Olympus map, there's the imminent arrival of the new Legend called Horizon. As the 15th character to join the party, things are getting a little crowded out there in Kings Canyon. Let's hope Mirage's buff means he can hold his own alongside the rest of the Apex goliaths. 



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