YouTuber, Phoenix SC, has created a Minecraft and Fall Guys Crossover, and it's brilliant.

12:51, 10 Sep 2020

Who would have thought that Minecraft's wolves and six-foot-jellybean-like-guys have so much in common? Me neither. Well, one who did believe was YouTuber Phoenix SC, who has made the ultimate Minecraft and Fall Guys crossover.

Using his creativity and a wolf spawn egg, Phoenix SC put together a Fall Guys obstacle course, consisting of five stages - all of which were inspired by various Fall Guys maps. Unlike the Rocket League and Fall Guys crossover, which focuses solely on Slime Climb, this Minecraft crossover blends together a number of maps by featuring prominent obstacles that you often come across in search of a crown.

Featuring ideas from the Fall Guys maps Dizzy Heights, Hit Parade, Tip Toe, Fruit Chute and The Whirlygig, the YouTuber uses elements of Minecraft such as sticky pistons, Redstone sliders, and slime blocks to allow his wolves/guys to manoeuvre through the map and reach the finish line.

As you can see in the video, he used wolf spawn eggs which actually spawn the Fall Guys characters. They then advance throughout the map, attempting to avoid obstacles that are thrown their way. The Fall Guys aren't gifted in mechanics and mobility, which makes for hilarious viewings as they plummet from the map to never return. Check out the timestamp in the first comment for an example.

Unfortunately, the map was designed for the simulation. If you download it there's no reason why you can't grab your friends and run through the map yourselves. While you won't be able to sport the Fall Guys outfits, you could have multiple Steves knocking each other off the Tip Toe area. 


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Image via Mediatonic | Mojang Studios

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