The company also confirmed that cross-progression is coming too.

16:16, 29 Apr 2021

Halo Infinite will support crossplay and cross-progression when it launches later in 2021

Matt Booty, Head of Xbox Game Studios, explained exactly what they've been up to in a blog on the official Xbox site. He said: "A big part of our role as a platform holder and game publisher is to connect players with games no matter where they play. Over the last 18 months we’ve launched games on PC like Age of Empires II and III DE, Gears Tactics, Wasteland 3, Minecraft Dungeons, and Microsoft Flight Simulator, many of which topped the Steam charts at launch. We’re looking forward to delivering more PC content, including Age of Empires IV, later this year. Whether they are new genres for established franchises, the next iteration of a classic favorite or the evolution of a storied PC brand, we’re making games that PC gamers love to play."

All well and good, but he then went on to acknowledge that many gamers use a variety of platforms to play their favourite games, and therefore wanted to ensure that Xbox made that as easy as possible. He revealed: "We know many of you play across more than just your PC, including on Xbox and mobile. That’s why we’re excited to announce Halo Infinite will support multiplayer cross-play and cross-progression when it releases later this year. That means if you’re playing on PC, you can play with your friends on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It also means that your multiplayer customization and progress will follow you across all platforms."

He added that Xbox has been working 'closely with the PC community', ensuring that Halo Infinite has a great PC experience. It will include features such as support for ultrawide and super ultrawide screens, triple keybinds, a wide variety of advanced graphics options, and more. 

Concluding, he said: "We’re also using the cloud to make console gaming accessible on even more PCs. While not meant to replace native PC gaming, Xbox Cloud Gaming allows Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members to play over 100 console games on a wide range of computers, from lower-spec, entry-level machines to older devices that otherwise couldn’t handle games that require more power."


We can't wait for the game to be released later this year


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Image via 343 Industries

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