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20:00, 08 Jan 2021

After a rocky season with MiBR, the team has chosen to sit back and look for a brand new roster. Ex-MiBR rifler Lucas "LUCAS1" Teles had a lot to say on Twitter since his departure from the team. If that wasn’t enough, AVEZ has reportedly disbanded their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) division leaving fans completely shocked. 

While their Twitter has been shut down for good, AVEZ made one last post on their Facebook page hinting at a potential comeback. Lastly, the German organisation Sprout has completed their roster along with some unexpected changes. All three of these orgs have left fans leaning on the edge of their seats daydreaming about competitive CS:GO.


First up is MiBR and their mountain of expired contracts and angered players. MiBR has officially released three of their players and one head coach. The list includes Lucas "LUCAS1" Teles, Vinicius "v$m" Moreira, Leonardo "leo_drk" Oliveira, and Raphael "cogu" Camargo. All three players joined the org back in December of 2020 after cogu created his dream team. 

Fans knew LUCAS1 was a worthy pickup due to his previous run with MiBR back in 2019, but didn’t know what to expect from the others. The VAC banned rookie known as v$m along with leo_drk became an unlikely duo. Even though the latest creation from MiBR only played in three events, their run was outstanding. With only a month of practice, MiBR managed to pull out some impressive placements. 

After a lacklustre performance at BLAST Premier Fall, MiBR placed fourth at Flashpoint Season 2. Since MiBR’s roster was fairly new at the time, their win did come across as questionable. Once the Flashpoint staff did a little digging, they came across a disturbing record from the event. MiBR was caught stream sniping during their matchup against OG in the quarter-finals. They were instantly handed a ten thousand dollar fine and were shamed by the competitive community.


After Fernando "fer" Alvarenga stepped away from MiBR, talk of a potential roster change began to swarm the media. On January 6, MiBR released everyone except for Vito "kNgV-" Giuseppe and Alencar "trk" Rossato. LUCAS1 was one of the first players to respond about his time with MiBR and how he felt playing for them. He made remarks about MiBR not paying for housing resulting in LUCAS1 exposing the org.


The rest of the players, including v$m and leo_drk, had nothing but respect for MiBR. They simply gave their wishes to the org and moved on to new opportunities. Cogu, on the other hand, hopped on a new project which included a brand new lineup to compete in CS:GO. MiBR is currently on the lookout for a brand new coach to help form a dominant roster within Brazil.


Just like MiBR, AVEZ has also been busy answering a handful of questions from their social media pages. The team made an announcement on January 6 which left people speechless. After releasing their CS:GO division, AVEZ made one final post regarding their departure. They simply posted a quote from Mark Twain which was summed up into an exaggerated death. AVEZ is clearly eager to compete, all they need is a brand new roster of Polish pros.


The remaining pieces of AVEZ have officially been released, meaning they will stay away from competing in 2021. Kamil "KEi" Pietkun and Kacper "Kylar" Walukiewicz will have to find another org willing to fund amateur pros. Since AVEZ was only founded in 2018, their departure from competing in CS:GO seemed like an early exit. They earned just under fifty thousand dollars and were already competing at a B-Tier level. 


If that wasn’t enough, the young stars showed great potential last year in the Flashpoint Season 1 European qualifiers. They earned a first-place finish along with three thousand dollars after beating out SKADE in the finals. AVEZ played qualifier after qualifier with little rewards meaning the org had to lose some dead weight. The up and coming Polish org is still active on Facebook, just not when it comes to CS:GO. Maybe they’re just going to put their focus towards a different game until their earnings increase. 


The final team to create a buzz on social media due to roster changes was Sprout. After months of scouting different players, their roster for 2021 now includes Marko "kressy" Dordevic and Fritz "slaxz" Dietrich. The two players came from ALTERNATE aTTax after being replaced with BIG Academy graduates. Sprout is starting to look like a worthy opponent and a much watch team for this year’s events. 


MiBR, AVEZ, and Sprout have managed to make some successful last-minute changes which came across as challenging yet fulfilling. All three teams are shaping up for their current competitive season with hopes to crush their opponents. 


Images via MiBR | AVEZ

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