After some solid displays throughout his try-out period, Metsanauris officially signs with Endpoint ahead of RLCS S10.

13:10, 01 Jun 2020

After some impressive displays in the Rocket League Spring Series and Fusion Qualifiers, Metsanauris has officially been announced as an Endpoint player, as he joins the roster alongside Virtuoso and RelatingWave. One month after standing in as a replacement for Nachitow, the 21-year-old has made his move permanent from the disbanded Team Solo Mid (Karen).

Metsanauris had enjoyed a successful career so far, but has yet to get his hand on an RLCS title, coming second in Season 4 Finals, and third in Season 5 & 6 Finals, and will be looking to go one step further in his new home.

A change for Endpoint has been probable for some time after they found themselves just one series away from relegation to the RLRS. Coming in for Nachitow, Metsa could be the final piece of the jigsaw for Endpoint, allowing the trio to reach the heights that they're capable of. So far, indications have been positive, with Endpoint coming third in the Spring Series, falling to the top two sides in RLCS; Dignitas and Renault Vitality. Metsa and co. were able to sweep aside a disjointed FC Barcelona, and Ex-Espanyol side Canyons, dropping just one game in the process. The semi-finals proved too much for them, with lots of work still to be done, but plenty of positives were to be taken.

The good form continued at the Fusion Qualifiers, despite their elimination in 9th-12th place. Endpoint impressed in their 3v3 games, against some good competition, as they won every game that featured their full roster. Falling with the 1v1 and 2v2 games, Metsanauris appears to be settling into their roster with ease, showing great teamwork and cohesion as a trio.

The new Endpoint roster looks to be an exciting change, and as one of the earliest roster changes to become settled, Metsanauris, Virtuoso and RelatingWave could be a top side, especially with the long preparation period before the elusive RLCS S10.

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