Metroid Dread Leaks Ahead Of Full Release

Metroid Dread Leaks Ahead Of Full Release
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Joseph Kime


5th Oct 2021 20:15

Metroid Dread has been a long time coming for the dedicated fans of the series. The Dread storyline is something that has been teased for some time in Samus’ mythos, and remained as a lingering chapter in the Metroid story waiting to be addressed - and now, we’re going to be able to get our hands on the long-awaited title in a few days.

But, the game has been the victim of a string of leaks that have revealed some key story moments of the game, as well as extended peeks at how the game plays.

Metroid Dread Leaks Ahead Of Release Date

Extended footage of Metroid Dread’s gameplay has been revealed as part of a series of leaks, spoiling a great deal of the opening of the game.

The links to the leaks aren’t readily available, but as verified by many reputable sources, the leaks are definitely real, unveiling how the game plays and even showing off the game’s second boss.

While these leaks, for now, are being kept in secret links, there’s every chance that they’ll spill out on social media over the next few days - so if you’re serious about preserving the Metroid Dread experience for yourself, you might want to mute a few words on Twitter from here until you get your hands on the game.

But, that’s not all.

Leaker Discovers Metroid Dread’s Code

The Nintendo data miner OatmealDome has revealed that they have discovered some of the code for Metroid Dread, and sees that it explains some of the game’s actions in plain English.

Part of the code looks like it determines the speed at which Samus’ morph ball formation travels, and some of the parameters that keep her from using some of her abilities.

It may seem like smatterings of jargon to many, but it still validifies that Metroid Dread has in fact leaked, and that it’s something to be aware of if you want to savour the Dread experience.

No doubt Nintendo will be cracking down on these leaks soon enough, so keep an eye out - but if anything’s going to keep the game’s hype train on the move, it’s this.


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