After being replaced at eUnited exactly a month after joining, Memory joins Kansas City Pioneers.

16:46, 24 Jul 2020

In an incredibly quick turn of events, Memory has joined Kansas City Pioneers, after being replaced at eUnited by Wondamike exactly a month after joining.

Image via Battlefy

Memory has now reunited with the ex-flight duo of Sea-Bass and rapid at Kansas City Pioneers. He will come into the starting three alongside rapid and BeastMode, with Sea-Bass dropping to the bench.

Whilst this may seem like their second transfer of the year after replacing Aeon with BeastMode, Memory's return to the side will not cause Kansas City Pioneers to lose their automatic Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Season X standing, as it will remain as two-thirds of the RLCS Season 9 roster of Flight.

The Flight roster of Season 9 came in 10th place, winning just one game in the regular season, and will look to improve on this standing in future tournaments under the Kansas City Pioneers, now that they have a settled roster again. 

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