The restaurant chain will enforce limits on how many 'toys' can be bought.

12:34, 27 Apr 2021

"It's fun, it's food, it's all inside a Happy Meal" unless you've already bought one...

Pokemon fans looking to catch them all were recently gifted with the announcement that Pikachu and the gang will be landing inside the children's McDonald's meals as of May 19th. Hitting restaurants in the UK, Pokemon toys will become available in Happy Meals, likely to be the same limited-edition cards that hit the chain in America back in February.

However, the friends from over the pond had quickly been subjected to scalpers, who were buying bucket-loads of the boxes for $2.49 and profiting on the card collections whilst discarding mountains of nuggets and chips.

Ahead of the launch in the UK, McDonald's restaurants are being warned of like-minded activities and will be monitoring the sales and customer spending.

Nintendo Life has reported that an internal memo has made the rounds which "makes clear that customers will be limited to purchasing one additional toy beyond their Happy Meal allocation, though there doesn't appear to be any limit on buying the meals themselves."


The cards go on sale within the Happy Meals on May 19, which will allow the little monsters to get their hands on some cute furry monsters, should scalpers not get their mitts on them first.


The cards are part of an exclusive 25th Anniversary collection that will celebrate the inception of Pokemon. Despite not being fully confirmed to be inside the UK editions of Happy Meals, they're more than likely to continue from the US versions, rather than be replaced with some choke-hazard toys.

Scalpers recently caused a commotion by reselling Super Mario 3D All-Stars for thousands of pounds, continuing their abhorrent monopolisation over gaming cards and toys. 



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Image via Nintendo | McDonald's

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