Mass Effect Voice Actor 'Ugly Cries' Over Remaster

Mass Effect Voice Actor 'Ugly Cries' Over Remaster

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Tom Chapman


3rd Feb 2021 12:44

FemShep finally gets her due as voice actor Jennifer Hale is moved by the Mass Effect remaster trilogy trailer. With the upcoming release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, the trailer reveal has been a ray on sunshine to kick off February. Hale is known for her role as the female Commander Shepard in all three games, which has led to her being affectionately dubbed "FemShep". 

Although only 18% of players picked FemShep when Mass Effect came out in 2010, the character continued to grow in popularity and became the focus of a fan campaign to feature her on the cover Mass Effect 3. With the latest trailer also putting FemShep front and centre, it's left an emotional Hale "ugly crying". 


Why did Jennifer Hale cry at the Mass Effect remaster?

Posting her response to the trailer on Twitter, Hale gushed, "Not gonna hide it, this is pretty damn cool. @masseffect @bioware". Hale is something of a big deal in the video game world. Outside of Mass Effect, she's leant her voice to Baldur's GateStar Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicMetal Gear Solid, and BioShock Infinite. Aside from playing the fearsome Samus Aran in Metroid Prime, it's Hale's role as FemShep that's made her a gaming icon. You name it, Hale's done it, with critic Tom Bissell calling her "a kind of Meryl Streep of the form".

It's clear FemShep means a lot to Hale, who broke down during the Mass Effect remaster trilogy. Unlike back in the day, players won't have to watch the alternate trailer to see FemShep in all her guns and glory. Watching the Legendary Edition trailer, Hale said, "Oh my goodness, I'm just sitting here ugly crying because I'm just so moved". Saying she's watched the trailer "over and over", Hale continued, "FemShep's on it and it's amazing...This is beautiful and I'm so grateful.

"You guys are the best, and to be part of this is the greatest thing in the world". She thanked developer BioWare and co-star Mark Meer (who voices male Shep). Hale concluded by saying, "I just want to share that I'm ugly crying because it's so cool". 


Why is the Mass Effect remaster so important?

Even though FemShep has become a favourite over the years, the fact the Mass Effect games defaulted to BroShep means she didn't get her time to shine as much as some would like. Meer's BroShep is still featured prominently in the trailer, but moving with the times, he shares the limelight with FemShep.

In the latest version, we get to see FemShep hogging the screen and even sharing a same-sex kiss with Liara. Not only empowering women, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition isn't afraid to show its LGBTQ+ pride. There's also the poignant moment Garrus Vakarian says, "You were born to do this". 

The Mass Effect remaster will also let players suit up as the "iconic" FemShep from the very start. Previously, this version of FemShep was only introduced as part of Mass Effect 3. The fact you can pick which version of Shep you want to play as follows in the footsteps of major titles like Assassin's Creed Valhalla. It's important to note how influential FemShep is. Horizon Forbidden West's Ashley Burch has also praised FemShep as a major influence for the franchise's lead, Aloy. 

It's not just Hale who's been moved by the Mass Effect: Legendary Edition trailer. Players can't wait to take on the reapers all over again when the game releases on May 14. 


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