Available for 'Spring 2021', the Mass Effect Legendary Edition is now available for preorder.

15:40, 13 Jan 2021

Mass Effect, a space opera revolved around a military group in distant realms of the universe, has been a successful franchise since its first release in November 2007. 

Three main titles down the line and BioWare's loyal fans are still wanting more. After Andromeda was gifted to the public just three years ago, BioWare has since revealed that the saga of games will be brought together with a remastered version named Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Now, the developers have made it official. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is available to preorder with a release coming later in "Spring 2021". Reports suggest that the release date is set for March, although in the climate where we have seen Cyberpunk 2077 suffer from premature release despite two pushback, March may not be achievable. 

The game will contain a massive amount of content, pulling every aspect of the three titles together with 4K UHD optimization, cleaner textures, and faster frame rates typical of a remaster. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition will feature every shred of the single-player content from all three games, including all of the DLC, promo weapons, armour, and packs made available.

So far, the game has been made available at the same price across all generations of consoles and PC. Compatible with PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, it is currently up on Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop for $59.99.


With just one base game in the works, no other bundles have been discussed, meaning each player will have the same content.

Prepare to conquer outer space again with the stars quite literally in your eyes. 



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Image via EA | BioWare

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