Marvel’s Avengers Has Permanently Slashed Its Prices

Marvel’s Avengers Has Permanently Slashed Its Prices
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Joseph Kime


5th Nov 2021 13:45

Marvel’s Avengers is a curious case. Following the huge success of Marvel’s Spider-Man, it should have been another big hitter despite the change in teams. However, the launch was rocky (to say the least) with a buggy game that many fans simply couldn’t connect with.

It’s a shame that a title with such potential - especially after the MCU’s arrival - has tanked in the way that Marvel’s Avengers did. It’s a sad symptom a rushed game, and now, clear that the team behind it know it - because they’ve permanently docked the in-game currency’s exchange rate to make up for it.

How Has Marvel’s Avengers Permanently Slashed Prices?

After a meandering lifespan even after the fascinating War For Wakanda DLC, it has been decided that Marvel’s Avengers in-game currency is to have its exchange rate drastically changed to make up for players simply not getting involved in its economy.

In-game skins have now been made much cheaper, and are staying as low as a promotion introduced with War For Wakanda made them, rather than just being a one-time discount.

The change was announced in a tweet from the PlayAvengers account, in response to one of their tweets showcasing new skins. 

"When War for Wakanda launched, it came with a temporary price reduction in the marketplace, but we are happy to announce those are now here to stay!" the tweet reads. "Legendary Outfits are discounted to 900 Credits, Epic Outfits are discounted to 700, and Rare Outfits are discount [sic] to 500!"

This isn’t exactly the discount that would actually help Marvel’s Avengers to prosper in the face of its weak launch, but hey - it’s something.

Will Marvel’s Avenger’s In-Game Currency Make A Difference?

Over anything else, this change is a nice gesture. It certainly won’t do anything for the game’s numbers or popularity, but rather extend an olive branch to existing gamers to finally get rid of their leftover credits. This can’t be a ploy to rope more players in, as it’s pretty meagre in scale.

Still, it’ll treat current players nice if they’re still interested in the game and help them bag some new cosmetics in the process. As another reward, the Avengers gang has confirmed Spider-Man is finally on the way. The late addition of Peter Parker and his wall-crawling alter ego was a big selling point at launch, but as Marvel's Avengers has faltered, some thought we'd never see Web-Head.

Can some in-game discounts and a new spandex-clad hero really save the day though, or is Marvel's Avengers worthy of Thanos' snap? Either way, the game is still something of a disappointment to Square Enix - and reasonably so. If you’re currently playing Marvel's Avengers, this is… something.


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