Marvel's Midnight Suns Release Date Announced, Reveals New Heroes

Marvel's Midnight Suns Release Date Announced, Reveals New Heroes
Images via Firaxis Games

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Sascha "Yiska" Heinisch


9th Jun 2022 12:45

All good things take their sweet time but are eventually worth it. After an officially announced delay in November 2021, which saw the game's release date moved from March 2022 to the second half of 2022, Marvel's Midnight Suns' release date has finally been announced during Summer Games Fest.

Starting on October 7th, players will be able to face off against Lillith and her army, including a demonic-looking Hulk. Marvel's Midnight Suns is a tactical role-playing game developed by Firaxis Games, revolving around several characters from Marvel properties such as the Avengers, Midnight Sons, and X-Men, as well as a highly customisable hero chosen by the player called the Hunter.

While the card game genre isn't exactly known to be action-packed, Marvel's Midnight Suns aims to bring the impact of your choices to the screen, counting on high octane animation while leading through deep story elements you usually wouldn't find in a card game.

What did we find out about Midnight Suns?

During the Summer Games Fest, we got to see a trailer showcasing the new heroes Spiderman and Venom who face off against Lillith, the grand villain of the story, during the announcement trailer. Moreover, Firaxis showed off a daemonic looking Hulk stepping out of the summoning portal to oppose the heroes among a horde of powerful-looking demons.

During the trailer, Lillith seemingly manages to tame Venom in combat, with Spiderman and the Midnight Suns stepping in to fight back. As reinforcements arrive, so too does the army of demons to even out the numbers. 


Not all players were smitten with Firaxis' decision to move to a turn-based tactical RPG including design choices such as ability cards. Given the development studios' history in creating games such as XCOM 2, it seems many fans had hoped for a different gameplay experience.

It remains to be seen whether or not they can be moved by the game's other qualities such as its narrative direction and polished cinematics which had been a key focus in development during the delay period. The quality of this most recent trailer looked certainly improved with the release delay seemingly paying off.

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