Pasha is back for more.

18:30, 14 Oct 2020

The Polish muscle man of CS:GO is back and ready to dominate the scene once again with his new team Liquid Biceps. Once the winner of a major title and frontman for, Pasha has come out of retirement. Feeling that his skills can once again be used for the CS:GO scene. Except this time, it will mostly be for teaching. As of mid-2018, Pasha wasn’t performing at his highest level. Failing to secure top-five placements he was landing around the lower brackets. In all of his 2018 S-Tier events, was struggling big time placing between twelfth and twentieth earning a small sum of money. Pasha eventually left his team of five years and moved onto AGO as a trial player. A Polish team that was founded in 2017 and has already matched Pasha’s lifetime earnings. 


In August of 2019 AGO introduced a handful of trial players which included Pasha along with SAYN and Sidney. SAYN was dropped a week after entry while Sidney was picked up for a full-time roster. After about a month of practice, Pasha officially parted ways with his new trial team. Either feeling that he couldn’t compete or wasn’t picking up the team energy he needed to play. Whatever it was the change led to better things. Throughout his one year of retirement, Pasha was able to cleanse his mind, hit the gym and spend time at home with his family. Everything was quiet until Liquid sent him an offer to become a streamer for the team. Allowing Pasha to play a handful of games rather than competitive CS:GO.  

Pasha now 32 has spent the past two months streaming as a part-time content creator. Including a handful of different games mostly consisting of casual CS:GO and VALORANT with his friends. Rather different than the sweaty blood pumping playstyle he was used to. Not only did the Liquid deal come with a streamer package but it also gave Pasha free range to form his own team on the side. Papito himself formed an idea with KubiK and Piratesports. With the help of a couple of trial players, coaches, and analysts, Pasha quickly turned his career around. Five starters have been announced which included Pasha along with a coach and backup player. 


KubiK who will act as the co-owner for the team started his career back in 2014 as a player for noMercy. The team earned some minor European cups as a small team in Poland. After a year of playtime, he moved onto 31337 esports, another Polish team that participated in the ESL European division. Last but not least, KubiK spent his final playing years with ALSEN. A team with seven years of experience in CS:GO.

After realising the player role wasn’t for him, KubiK switched to becoming a coach, feeling that his talents could be used elsewhere. KubiK landed multiple high earning jobs with teams such as Vexed Gaming, AGG, and his biggest coaching position with Pride Gaming - a six-figure team from Poland. After spending three months with the org, KubiK got the opportunity to participate as a trial analyst with His biggest achievement with the team was placing fifth at the BLAST Pro Series in Istanbul earning just over ten grand. Once they placed in the lowest bracket at an A-Tier event, KubiK was dropped and moved onto Piratesports. 



The upcoming roster for Liquid Biceps is a pickup from the Piratesports academic team called ARRMY, made up of Shatar, mYR, Zefir, REVxD, and Majster. The head coaching staff will consist of inwood and KubiK. Pasha will take Majster’s main roster spot dropping the young player to the backup position. 

Inwood has had a small career in Polish CS:GO. He participated as a player and analyst in small ESEA and ESL events back in 2018. Inwood coached the team PACT for about three months and helped them place second at ESL Mistrzostwa Polski. They beat out the ESEA S29 Climber Cup qualifiers known as the Izako Boars but later lost to Kinguin. The newbie team was able to take home eight grand from their second-place finish. Inwood was later replaced and has since been with Piratesports.

Shatar is virtually an unknown player in CS:GO. He has a small background of ESEA Opens and local Polish events with no recorded top-three finishes. Mostly playing for smaller independent teams, Shatar spent years struggling as an academic player. Inwood must see something in him that others don’t since he’s a cheap contract pickup with no background.

mYR, who’s an even smaller player, spent his years learning at the young academic level—mostly playing for a Polish team that goes by the name Warriors. With little to no record on tournament results, mYR has a lot to learn, and Pasha is prepared to teach him everything he needs to know. 

Zefir has a bit more to offer when it comes to experience. He won six hundred dollars at the Łomża Zero Esport Tour Warszawa Qualifier with an independent team. With the help of ARRMY, he also landed a Qualifier finish at ESL Mistrzostwa Polski. 


REVxD is strictly an academic player who's learning from his teammates at Liquid Biceps. The same goes for Majster. This team might be small and have little experience, but that’s why Pasha formed his own gaming school to partner with KubiK at Piratesports. Both players have been in the community for many years and want to help future talents in their hometown. On paper, these kids don’t show the best stats. Just keep in mind they come from a small area and finally have the chance to go pro. If Pasha didn’t see talent and determination in these players, then he wouldn’t have formed a team with them. 

Images via Pasha Gaming School | Liquid Biceps | Piratesports | ESL

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