The ultimate cross over. Rocket League meets Fall Guys.

17:11, 08 Sep 2020

Treyven "Lethamyr" Robitailleis a modern-day Rocket League Picasso. Once one of the leading mechanical players on the game, back in the early days of Rocket League. He was a part of the Denial Esports side that finished fourth in the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Season 3, and the Ghost Gaming roster that managed a fifth-sixth placement at the Season 4 World Championships.

However, until his recent inclusion in the RLCS X roster 'The Mustyteers' alongside YouTube sensation "AMustyCow" and Carson "Forky" Howard, he had primarily focused on content creation and creating over 60 Rocket League maps and game modes. Well, this time he's outdone himself, creating the ultimate crossover.

Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars meets Six-Foot-Tall Unstable Jellybean-Like Mortals. 

Ahem, sorry, Rocket League meets Fall Guys.

On August 17, Lethamyr showcased his newest Rocket League map, which was a carbon copy of Fall Guys' Slime Climb. Just over two weeks later and Lethamyr has created the ultimate Fall Cars map, which can be viewed on his YouTube channel.

Although lobbies were limited to just ten players, Lethamyr created each and every aspect of Slime Climb's tricky obstacle course, from falling balls to sliding walls, and even the doughnut rings designed to throw you off the course. Of course, this map couldn't have been completed without one major aspect too. The slime. The stunningly clever map even had a raising level of slime that would eliminate you when in contact, and send you to a viewing platform built in the sky. 

Just as in Fall Guys, the notorious slime was quickly upon them, and after just one minute in the first run-through, Lethamyr had watched all nine opponents peril (he did have the advantage of knowing the map off by heart through countless hours of creation, but hey ho).

In the ten minutes of gameplay on the video, Lethamyr and friends showcased the most hilarious run-throughs and has left thousands of fans, including us, dying to try it out.

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Image via Mediatonic | Psyonix

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