Eefje 'sjokz' Depoortere has clapped back at criticisms the League of Legends World Championship talent lineup.

13:21, 21 Sep 2020

The League of Legends World Championship 2020 is edging closer, and as the biggest esports event of the year ramps up its marketing, Riot Games has finally lifted the lid on what the COVID-secure event will look like this year.

Following the reveal of 2020's song and criticisms it's a bit "samey", LoL Worlds has faced new drama with accusations its talent lineup isn't up to scratch. Now, Eefje "Sjokz" Depoortere has clapped back at the negativity and is standing her ground when it comes to her place in the competition. 

There's an all-star roster of LEC, LCS, and LCK talent coming to Worlds 2020, but with a new bubble system accommodating social distancing, it means things look a little different this year. It's a big year for Sjokz as she takes on the role of lead host, however, not everyone was overjoyed with the announcement she was stepping up to the plate.


Posting on Twitter, Sjokz said she was upset with the reaction she's faced from a small number of LoL fans. The main complaint is that James "Dash" Patterson won't be hosting the pre-game analysis. The bubble system means LEC talent will host pre-game and LCS talent will round off with their own Cooldown show. Sjokz and Dash have very different styles of presenting, but with his fan-favourite status among fans and impressive legacy with Worlds, the revamped lineup has rattled some. 

Sjokz explained, "I‘m sure it‘ll pass, but it‘s always very disheartening to see the Dash vs me comments". The 33-year-old said she feels she's "seen as not professional", and despite saying she understands where people are coming from, it's easy to understand why Sjokz feels so disheartened. 

Dash announced that he will be hosting the Cooldown from groups onwards from r/leagueoflegends

Things came to a head on Reddit as fans weighed up the pros and cons of each. Thankfully, there was plenty of support for Sjokz as people jumped to her defence. One person wrote, "Sjokz also deserves some recognition for her hosting when in my opinion she's as good as Dash. Imo, could be even better for me. I prefer her style more and how she brings her own personality to hosting". Another added, "Sjokz will host on the Analyst Desk. Honestly about time she gets the spotlight she deserves. Dash is an excellent host but I really think Sjokz is just as good and it's not only practical under these circumstances but also fair based on performance". 

Worlds is just around the corner, and despite what anyone says, Sjokz seems determined to put on the best show she can with the rest of the LEC team. Even if it's not the Dash show in 2020, many believe Sjokz is a suitable replacement. 


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