It’s time to get spooky with Fortnitemares.

15:00, 14 Oct 2020

With every patch or update implemented into Fortnite: Battle Royale, comes a plethora of new, unreleased cosmetics. It has become a tradition that leakers enter the game files following each patch in search of new skins and items. This is called “data mining”. 

In this article, we will provide you with all of the data mined cosmetics found in Patch v14 30.

Most of these cosmetics will be released in the shop for purchase via V-Bucks. However, sometimes these cosmetics are available through non-traditional methods. For example, the Galaxy skin was only obtainable for a limited time with the purchase of certain Samsung Galaxy devices. We have seen this sort of promotion with items such as the Minty Pickaxe, the Honor Guard skin, and the Ikonik bundle. Fortnite has also started releasing cosmetics only available through competitive play, such as the Komplex skin and the Axe of Champions.

Remember, these are just the skins and cosmetics found in the most recent patch. Check out the links below if you are looking for more unreleased skins along with gameplay footage. Also, we compiled a list of Fortnite cosmetics that have been sent to the vault, never to be released.

Leaked Skins/Outfits 

Leaked Fortnite Skins Patch v14.30

Fortnitemares is approaching. It is just about time for the annual Halloween update. In celebration, Epic Games has blessed us with a batch of spooky new skins and cosmetics.

Most of these skins will be released in bundles. Midnight Dusk, Archane Couture, and Nightsurf Bomber are all part of the Crypt Crashers bundle. Gnash, La Parca, and Grimoire are included in the Ultimate Reckoning bundle. Bundles allow players to get the most out of their money. Usually, bundles include multiple skins, back blings, and other cosmetics for a discounted price.

Leaked Back Blings

Leaked Fortnite Skins Patch v14.30

Readers may notice that many of these black blings pair up with one of the above skins. For example, Lil’ Gnashy is obviously Gnash's back bling. Looking at the Set labels in the top left corner, readers can figure out exactly which back blings go with which skins.

Holo-Skull stands out as the only back bling without an apparent skin. This could potentially mean that it will be a free reward for a Fortnitemares special event.

Leaked Styles and Variants

Leaked Fortnite Skins Patch v14.30

Epic Games is known for their phenomenal community interaction. The developers have a history of adding fan-made art and cosmetics into the game. Dummy (Carbon Fiber) is one of those cosmetics. Reddit user u/EpicGamerPhD designed the skin as a fun project, and the developers liked it enough that they pushed the concept into the actual game.

Alongside Dummy (Carbon Fiber), Penny, the Noggin pickaxe, and the Number One back bling have all received extra style options. These will be gifted for free to all previous owners.


I got one of my concepts into the game! Thanks, Epic! from r/FortNiteBR

Leaked Pickaxes and Gliders


Halloween is the ideal time for new pickaxe cosmetics. There is no better time to whip out a scary scythe. Many of the v14.30 pickaxes resemble the typical Grim Reaper scythe look. 

On the glider side, we have The Devil’s Wings. Daredevil is joining the Marvel superheroes in their quest to save the Fortnite Universe from Galactus. Players can cruise down onto the map wielding Daredevil’s signature glider.

Leaked Emotes, Sprays, and Emoticons

Leaked Fortnite Skins Patch v14.30

Patch v14.30 looks to bring in only two new emotes. However, as we always say, we prefer quality over quantity. Epic Games is back with another TikTok collaboration. Blinding Lights is a popular TikTok dance courtesy of music star, The Weeknd. Witch Way is a transversal emote perfect for the Halloween theme. Grab a broom and take to the skies like Harry Potter. 

Check out the video below for exclusive in-game footage of the new emotes:

Leaked Wraps, Music Packs, and Loading Screens

Leaked Fortnite Skins Patch v14.30

Surprisingly, the wraps, loading screens, and music packs don’t seem to fit the Fortnitemares theme too well. The Daywalker appears to be the only item even resembling the theme of Halloween. Still, wraps like Extra! Extra! Stand out, regardless of theme or season.

There you have it—every single cosmetic found in the Patch v14.30 game files. There are no further details on these items. They could enter the shop tonight, in a week, or many months from now. Regardless, make sure you have your V-Bucks on deck for when these fresh new items finally hit the shop.

Stay tuned here @GGReconEsports for updates on all things Fortnite — including all of the new cosmetics found in future patches.

Images via Epic Games  |  @Lucas7yoshi 

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