The Lord of the Rings MMO by Amazon is reportedly landing in 2022, according to leaked documents.

06:35, 28 Nov 2020

Good news for Lord of the Rings fans as documents has apparently leaked that appear to suggest an MMO (massively multiplayer online) version of the popular franchise is apparently coming to Amazon in 2022.

Found on Resetera by GamesRadar, a user by the name of 'sNtd' revealed they had stumbled across the documentation that appeared to reveal about the Middle-Earth inspired MMO. The original post said: 

“As part of the acquisition of Leyou by Tencent (pending shareholder approval) a bunch of legal documents were released for inspection (you can find all of them here) including Leyou’s original Game License Agreement for the Lord of the Rings game with Middle-earth Enterprises (and an amendment) and the co-development and co-operation agreement with Amazon,” said the user.

“There’s some interesting stuff in there, like their production schedule (exhibit B of the amendment). It seems like the MMO won’t be launching any time soon (open beta scheduled for September 2022) and will be PC only at first. You can also find content guidelines for LotR games in exhibit C of the original Game License Agreement.”

The documentation also declares that the first draft narrative and storyline for the epic game should be completed by the projected date of  January 11, 2021. All we know so far about the potential MMO is that when it does eventually land, it will be free-to-play and formatted for PC - so think World of Warcraft but with a lot more LotR terminology. 

Although, in a very interesting turn of events, Amazon has made it abundantly clear that the upcoming MMO will not be connected to the Amazon series of the franchise that is also currently in development. “The game and TV show are unrelated and being developed separately,” revealed a statement by the multi-billion company.



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