Viego is the upcoming League of Legends champion and he will play a pivotal role in the lore of the game.

17:00, 08 Jan 2021

League of Legends’ 2021 roadmap seems to be stacked with new champions, new cosmetics, and more fun lore-based events. The game has been out for quite some time now, and it has been amazing to see the success of the game in terms of community and major esports tournaments around the globe.

Talking about the upcoming new champions, just like last year, Riot Games is trying to release one champion at least for each lane this year, which should diversify the game for every player. There are four confirmed upcoming champions so far, and Viego would be the first one to release this year. Moreover, as confirmed by Ryan ‘Reav3’ Mireles (Lead Producer of the Champions Team), Viego will be a Jungler and comes straight from the Shadow Isles. 

League of Legends Who Is Viego
Image via Riot Games

The next three champions would also be connected to him in some shape or form, and they would also be dealing magic damage to other champions. This is a great change as more AP-based mages in all the lanes would make the gameplay more diverse and make it harder for gamers to itemise against these champions.

Who is Viego - The Ruined King in League of Legends?

Coming back to the original question, Viego is the newest upcoming champion in League of Legends, and he also has an upcoming video game ‘Ruined King: A League of Legends Story’. He has been seen in numerous teasers, and he seems to be the infamous Ruined King residing in the Shadow Isles. Moreover, in the recent cinematic, he has been seen fighting with Lucian and Senna and his ghoul army.

His League of Legends lore is still under a shadow; however; his motives seem to be clear enough to take over the lands of Runeterra. Players can expect to see more of him in the Ruined King game, and as the developers confirmed, he would be soon hitting the PBE server. The Ruined King aka Viego belongs to the Shadow Isles, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the next champions are from the same region as well. Many characters from this region have already made their appearance in the ‘Legends of Runeterra’ video game, and some of them could finally be coming to the game.

Viego’s Overall Look And Gameplay in League Of Legends 

Viego - The Ruined King has a visually attractive look, and he looks aesthetically pleasing, to say the least. His style is mystical and royal, carrying a blade which is an item in the present game that connects him to the existing lore of the game. His in-game model was revealed by a leaker, and it showcases the champion doing some emotes, walking, and attack animations.

Ryan "Reav3" Mireles, briefly showcased a few seconds of his gameplay and from that we can see he has a gap-closer ability in his kit, and after killing an enemy he leaves a shadow version of them which can be claimed by him, and it could transform him into an enemy champion. These are simply speculations based on the gameplay displayed, and it could bring a very interesting old Mordekaiser ‘R’ mechanic to the game. It would also be opening up doors for many creative plays in the game.

League of Legends Who Is Viego
Image via Riot Games

Furthermore, in the brief clip, Riot Games also showcased that Viego could become a shadow himself which might give him increased attack speed or something along those lines. It could be a very big year for League of Legends and fans should expect some big changes from the developers in 2021.


Images via Riot Games    

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