Seraphine's abilities have been slammed as League of Legends fans dub her a 'reworked Sona'

16:10, 13 Oct 2020

League of Legends' newest champion Seraphine has had her abilities revealed, and fans have been outraged, dubbing her as a "reworked Sona".

The stunning support character will come in as Riot Games' 152nd champion, and whilst there are still plenty of ways to be unique, Sona mains have erupted, brandishing the newest addition as a carbon-copy, due to her similar abilities.

What are Seraphine's abilities?

Passive - Stage Presence

After Seraphine casts her third basic ability, the attack will be replicated and cast for a second time. When casting an ability near to an ally, Seraphine will cast a note, which will increase the attack range and magical damage when the note is subsequently consumed.

Q Ability - High Note

Seraphine uses her K/DA specialised voice to project a pure note, dealing magical damage, which reflects the target's missing health percentage.

W Ability - Surround Sound

Surging into song, Seraphine grants herself and allies a movement speed buff and a shield. If the shield is activated whilst she is already shielded, this will heal nearby allies.

E Ability - Beat Drop

With her lungs bursting in a heavy soundwave, Seraphine deals magic damage to enemies in a line, reducing their movement speed too. Enemies who have already been slowed who are then hit with Beat Drop will then become rooted, and those who are already rooted will then become stunned.

R Ability - Encore

Taking centre stage, Seraphine captivates her crowd and deals magical damage to her foes. Any champions within the vicinity will increase the power of her ability.

Seraphine Abilities League of Legends

How is Seraphine similar to Sona?

Many comparisons can be drawn to Sona when looking at Seraphine's abilities. For starters, their Q abilities are almost identical, causing magical damage in a vicinity around the champion. The W ability, Surround Sound, shields players. If players are already shielded, it heals the nearby champions, which almost replicates Sona's W and E ability into one. The hitbox for Seraphine's ultimate is also akin to Sona's Crescendo, although it offers a "note buff".

How does Seraphine differ to Sona?

Riot Games developer, Ryan "Reav3" Mireles hit back at the claims via Reddit, stating, "I think people should try her out before judging too much from an ability breakdown video". The developer added, "I have played a ton of Seraphine internally, and I don't think she feels anything like Sona to actually play in-game. For one, she is a VERY skillshot reliant champ which feels way different then Sona.

"The big reason she feels unique though is her music passive which makes each 3rd spell you cast, cast twice". 

With Seraphine looking to land on October 29, there's still time for Riot to implement a more unique balance for her abilities.


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Image via Riot Games

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