Still searching for a holiday gift for your Esports-obsessed friend? Look no further!

17:00, 18 Dec 2019

The holidays are rapidly approaching, bringing with them the long-dreaded task of picking out presents for friends and family. But don’t worry, gift-confused Esports fans: if you’re searching for a gift for a gaming or Esports enthusiast in your life, look no further than GGRecon’s last-minute holiday Esports gift guide.


Gaming Chairs


gaming chair

There are a lot of quality gaming chairs out there, but our pick for the 2019 holiday season is the Secretlab TITAN 2020 Series. With leather upholstery and a classy black-and-gold look, the Secretlab TITAN would be equally at home in both a man-cave or a book-lined study. Plus, the company is currently running a $20 off Christmas special! Most importantly, Secretlab typically ships its chairs in 1-2 business days, so there’s plenty of time to pick up one of these bad boys before Christmas.





Give the gift of energy this year in the form of a tub (or two, or five) of G Fuel. With zero sugar and ten core vitamins, G Fuel is a relatively healthy replacement for energy drinks such as Monster or Mountain Dew. For ethics’ sake, I must disclose that I have written for G Fuel in the past—but my enthusiasm for the product and its stable of gaming influencers is nothing but genuine. If your recipient has never purchased G Fuel in the past, you might also want to get them a shaker cup—perhaps FaZe Clan’s 2019 model


Twitch Subs


twitch subs

If your friend or loved one is a fan of any Twitch streamers, then you can give them the gift of content, via the site’s Gift Subscriptions function. Normal subs are a little quotidian, though, so, if you take this route, you may want to step it up with a few months’ worth of a top-level $24.99 sub. These often come with unique benefits and rewards.


Steam Credit


steam gift card

While we’re on the subject of digital gifts, a gift card for Steam is another solid choice. The gaming platform is immediately recognisable to anyone who’s ever touched a PC video game, with thousands of options available to the recipient of any gift card. 


Advanced Spectating


league of legends pro view

Fans of competitive League of Legends would be blown away by the gift of Pro View. The advanced spectating tool for the popular MOBA title includes features such as the ability to watch matches from custom-selected multiple viewpoints, an “Advanced Timeline” that flags significant events in every VOD, and broadcasts in four different languages. This is the League equivalent of purchasing season tickets for a traditional sports fan!


Louis Vuitton x League of Legends


Louis Vuitton X League of Legends clothes.

For the high-class League fan, consider picking up one of Louis Vuitton’s recently released League of Legends collaboration pieces. The collection includes almost 50 products, with prices ranging between $170 (a bandeau) and $5,650 (a leather biker jacket). Not the cheapest option—but a gift that is sure to impress.


A fitness option, because we should probably include one of these…


ring fit adventure

So far, all of the gifts in this guide have focused on the more sedentary side of gaming. Here’s a gift for the more active gamers out there—or gamers who are hoping to become more active in the new year. Ring Fit Adventure is an innovative title that pairs the Nintendo Switch’s Joy Con controllers to a proprietary ring-shaped tool, which can then be manipulated in a number of fitness-oriented challenges, in order to complete the game’s story. 


Help Them Get Good


ninja guide to pro

Bless your friends with esports knowledge this holiday season, by giving them Tyler “Ninja” Blevins’ book, Get Good. With advice on developing gaming skill, building a gaming PC, and fostering the growth of a community, Ninja’s book is sure to be an interesting read for anyone interested in competitive gaming or professional streaming.

The suggestions listed above are only a few of the many stellar gift options available for esports enthusiasts. With esports on the rise and pro players becoming more famous than ever before, perhaps the greatest gift of all is simply the fact that there’s never been a better time to be a gamer.


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