Resident Evil's Lady Dimitrescu Is Taller Than Pretty Much Every Character Ever

Resident Evil's Lady Dimitrescu Is Taller Than Pretty Much Every Character Ever

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Tom Chapman


2nd Feb 2021 14:22

Princess Peach, yeah, her crown adds a bit. Princess Zelda's a lot taller than a Kokiri, and Samus, we guess she's pretty tall. However, move over ladies, there's a new tallest woman in the world of video games. In fact, it turns out Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu doesn't just tower above her fellow video game warrior women. In fact, she's pretty much taller than every video game character ever. 

Since Capcom first gave fans a glimpse at Resident Evil Village, it was clear the long-running zombie franchise was going to mix the old and the new for next-gen. With the rural backdrop of Resident Evil 4 and claustrophobic first-person jump scares of Resident Evil 7Village looks like it should come with a free pair of underwear. After seeing the Maiden demo, we're almost certain it should. Although RE7's Ethan Winters is back in action, he's in danger of being outshone by the colossal Lady Dimitrescu. 


How tall is Lady Dimitrescu?

With the perfect blend of Selma Hayek's Santanico Pandemonium in From Dusk till Dawn, Winona Ryder's Mina Harker from Bram Stoker's Dracula, and just a dash of Glenn Close's Cruella de Vil, Lady Dimitrescu is not a matriarch to be messed with. While the jury's out on whether she can actually be classed as a vampire, at least we can agree she's really bloody tall. Confirming just how tall this towering temptress is, the official Resident Evil Twitter shared a statement from Village Art Director Tomonori Takano, explaining Lady Dimitrescu is 9'6" (2.9m) tall.

Hyping the Dimistrescu Family's role in Village, Takano wrote, "Most recently, Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters have received a fair amount of attention, far more than we anticipated. It's great that they're able to take the spotlight as icons in Resident Evil Village. Lady Dimitrescu, especially, has received much fanfare both domestically and overseas, which has made all of us in the development team extremely happy". 

Considering the average height of a woman is 5'3" and a man is 5'9", it's clear Lady Dimitrescu has been eating her greens to grow up big and strong. The subject of how tall Alcina Dimitrescu is has become a hotly debated topic on the internet - even leading to her trending. We love a powerful woman, but it turns out we've underestimated her this entire time. Only recently Kotaku's Ash Parrish examined the clues and did some impressive Sherlock Homes-inspired maths to claim Lady D was around 8ft. Well Ash, it looks like you need to work on your sums. 


What does Lady Dimitrescu's height mean?

In general, the height of some of your favourite video game characters might surprise you. We don't know what Nintendo has been feeding its heroes and villains, but according to sources, Mario is 5'1", Waluigi is 7'7", and Bowser 8'7". Not everyone is a supersized terror though. Poor little Kirby is under 1ft at 0'8", classic Sonic is 3'3", and Pikachu is 1'04". Still, Dimitrescu is substantially taller than Halo's Master Chief, who is 7'2" (in armour). In the world of video games, many took Guilty Gear's Faust to be one of the tallest - clocking in at 9'4" - however, even he's just pipped to the tall post by Lady Dimitrescu.

According to sources, the only character out there who's taller is Metroid Prime's Meta Ridley, who soars above the rest at well over 12ft. Then again, there are unsubstantiated rumours the Tyrant series monsters from Resident Evil could be pushing 14ft in height. It sounds like Tyrants could even give, Lady Dimitrescu a run for her money. 

Either way, this villainous vamp looks like she's not one you'd want to meet down a dark alley. From the fleeting glimpses we've seen of Lady Dimitrescu, and after being choked by her in the Maiden demo, we'd advise Ethan Winters to invest in a pair of platform shoes if he fancies getting out of Castle Dimitrescu alive. 


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