As players wait for Resident Evil Village, a 6'9'' Olympian's Lady Dimitrescu cosplay make it look like Capcom based the vampiric villain on her.

10:45, 04 Apr 2021

One Resident Evil superfan is saying "fangs" a lot and saluting the legendary Lady Dimitrescu with her amazing cosplay. While we're closer than ever to the release of Capcom's Resident Evil Village on May 7, all anyone has been talking about since the game's reveal has been Lady Dimitrescu.

Although "Tall Vampire Lady" dominated (literally and metaphorically) social media chatter since the first trailer was unveiled in June 2020, developers have slowly given a breadcrumb trail of what looks like one of the franchise's most marketable characters yet.

From Resident Evil 4's Ramon Salazar to Resident Evil 7's Jack Baker, Resident Evil 2's Mr. X to Resident Evil 3's Nemesis, we've had some truly unhinged human/humanoid enemies over the years. Even though there have been the likes of Ada Wong and Eveline Baker, most of the big bads have been men. Lady Dimitrescu is an imposing and powerful presence who looks like she could have the potential to be up there with Albert Wesker. With her already fan-favourite presence, it's no surprise she's also become a big hit on the cosplay scene. 


Who is behind this Lady Dimtrescu cosplay?


Looming large over us all are the cosplay talents of Russian Olympian Yekaterina Lisina. The bronze medal-winning Olympian is known for her basketball skills and being in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's tallest professional model. Trying her hand at bringing Lady D to life, we've got to admit Lisina has nailed the look of the Village vamp. Posting on Instagram, Lisina held her own Lady Dimitrescu-inspired shoot where she looks like a doppelganger for the villainous matriarch of House Dimitrescu.

Even though Lisina is a record-breaker with her height, she's still a little short of Alcina Dimitrescu's whopping 9'6" height - which makes her taller than pretty much every video game character ever. Still, if the upcoming live-action reboot movie takes off and we get another Resident Evil franchise that eventually gets to the events of Village, we can think of no one better than Lisina to play Lady Dimitrescu. Resident Evil cosplay is nothing new, but as we slowly try yot return to normal and expos return to our schedules, expect to see a lot of Lady Dimitrescu cosplay in the near future.


What else do we know about Lady Dimitrescu?


Even though we're all obsessed with Lady D, players still know relatively nothing about her. Resident Evil Village Art Director Tomonori Takano explained how Lady Dimitrescu is a mix of Anjelica Huston's Morticia Addams, Hungarian murderer Elizabeth Báthory, and the Japanese urban legend of Hasshaku-sama - well, that's enough to give us nightmares. Either way, Lady Dimitrescu has been all anyone is talking about as she threatens to outshine the game itself. There's been an outpouring on fa fiction, artwork, and cosplay where the RE community has shown its loves for her. 


The events of Village's Maiden demo are a prequel to the main game, which once again sees the return of RE7's Ethan Winters as the protagonist. Maiden was a short but sweet entry into this gothic world and let you explore the decaying bowels of Castle Dimitrescu. Better than this, there was a startling cameo from Dimitrescu herself to set the mood. How Ethan comes to cross paths with Lady Dimitrescu remains to be seen, but with the Umbrella Corporation usually being known for T-Virus zombies, it will be interesting to find out how all these pieces fit together. In the meantime, we can't wait to see if Yekaterina Lisina continues her love of Lady Dimitrescu cosplay. 


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Images via Capcom | Yekaterina Lisina

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