Krampus Is Destroying Call Of Duty's Festive Fervor Event

Krampus Is Destroying Call Of Duty's Festive Fervor Event
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Joseph Kime


21st Dec 2021 11:35

What do you mean Call of Duty is having a hard time with dedicated fans? That's strange. All joking aside, it's no surprise that the dedicated in the Call of Duty fandom have problems with Vanguard, the newest in the long line of first-person shooters.

The FPS has had a wealth of problems, and long-term players have had plenty to say about it in subreddits  - and now, it looks like festivities are distressing them. Away from glitches and OP weapons, now Krampus (of all people) is ruining CoD.

Why Is Krampus Ruining Call Of Duty's New Festive Event?

Krampus Is Destroying Call Of Duty's Festive Fervor Event
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The Festive Fervor event has made Vanguard and Warzone as festive as games about shooting your mates to ribbons can be, and as such, they've added Krampus - the mythological beast that tears people to shreds during the most wonderful time of year. Cheery!

It looks like Call of Duty fans agree that it doesn't do much for them in-game, as the new Krampus enemy that has been unleashed in games of Warzone has been ruining players' chances at finally securing a win in Caldera.

"Krampus needs to go", says one particularly angry post in the CODWarzone subreddit. "I was in a top five situation, and got hunted by Krampus. Completely f**ked me over. [...] Allow Krampus to only hunt before the Gulag closes. Or just eliminate him all together [sic]. I don't think that level of RNG should be happening in end game."

Fans React To Angry Krampus Post

It seems that this problem is pretty widespread, as many fans are responding in the comments with their own frustrations. "So dumb dude", says one commenter. "I'm sprinting around final circle, shooting this thing and of course immediately get murdered by someone else."

One other commenter reckons that the appearance of Krampus is to benefit players who otherwise wouldn't be getting wins in Warzone - "They gotta make sure the absolutely s**ttest tier players who hide all game can still get a win every now and then off pure RNG", they say. "It can happen without all this extra s**t, but this extra s**t significantly increases the odds they get a free win occasionally."

Some have said Krampus could be the worst addition to a game ever. What, even more than monetised killcams? Looks like Krampus isn't exactly spreading Christmas cheer, but then again, We're not entirely sure that's what he exists for. Looks like it's not going to be a merry Christmas for nerds.


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