Knights Of The Old Republic II Switch Release Is 'Unbeatable'

Knights Of The Old Republic II Switch Release Is 'Unbeatable'
Aspyr | Obsidian Entertainment

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Joseph Kime


21st Jun 2022 08:41

Of the more historically enduring Star Wars games, the series that houses the Knights of the Old Republic games is among the most beloved. Not just in pockets of Star Wars fans, but fans of the RPG genre at large.

The intergalactic romp and its sequel are loved for good reason - refining the experience of exploring the franchise with your lightsaber in hand and carving through baddies to bring peace to the galaxy. Though the first game is getting a long-awaited remake, the second is still sitting comfortably on the Nintendo Switch - but something is wrong. Namely, that it can't be beaten.

Is Knights Of The Old Republic II Broken On Switch?

Aspyr took over from Obsidian Entertainment to develop the recent port to Switch for the classic Knights of the Old Republic II. Now, Aspyr has come forward to reveal that the game simply can't be officially finished. Oh.

In a tweet from the Austin-based devs, it was revealed that the team is working on bringing out a patch to fix up the problem. The problem caught the attention of the world when Twitter user Moo_Resolutions got stuck on the Onderon Basilisk Crash level for a week, unable to progress.

Aspyr insisted that this problem is going to be tackled in the next patch, but as of right now, there is no ETA or date for the fix. So, for the foreseeable, it looks like players aren't going to be able to beat the game at all.


When Is KOTOR's Remake Coming Out?

In the meantime, fans are hoping for more news on the upcoming remake of the original Knights of the Old Republic game, a revamp that could be huge for the RPG classic. There's not much known about an actual release date just yet, though the title's cinematic teaser's release has suggested that a release might not be too far off.

Rumours suggest the Knight of the Old Republic remake could swoosh a lightsaber at some point in late 2023, or 2024 at a push. We'll just have to wait and see. It joins a slew of upcoming games like Ubisoft's mysterious open-world outing and Quantic Dreams' Star Wars Eclipse. The KOTOR games are classics for a reason, and exemplify how great Star Wars games can be - when they're actually beatable, that is.

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