Kleavor Is The Most Clapped Legends: Arceus Pokemon So Far

Kleavor Is The Most Clapped Legends: Arceus Pokemon So Far
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28th Sep 2021 16:11

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has had a lot of hype behind it so far, and while it offers a brand-new look at a fan-favourite region, some fans are concerned about how the game will look.

While Feudal Sinnoh is a compelling location for a Pokemon title with plenty of opportunity for creativity, some fans have been unimpressed by the visual fidelity of trailer footage - dubbing it a muddier-looking Breath of the Wild. Now, new footage of the game has shown off a brand-new Pokemon to be sceptical about.

New Pokemon Legends: Arceus Footage Reveals Kleavor

The latest trailer for Pokemon Legends: Arceus has dropped, and with it has come the first look at a brand new Pokemon that serves as an alternate evolution to an existing Gen 1 beastie. Kleavor has been revealed to be a part of the game, the Bug/Rock-type Pokemon that evolves from Scyther.

It appears first as a Noble Pokemon, which is a new type of monster that serves as a tough boss battle. Kleavor appears glowing bright orange, somewhat obscuring how the Pokemon is designed to look. The Pokemon Company has revealed the official art for the regular version.

And hoo, boy, it's an ugly one!

I Am Repulsed By Kleavor

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Reveals New Trailer
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Whose idea was this? It’s nice to finally see another Bug/ Rock-type Pokemon, but did it have to come to life in a way that was created by smacking a pile of boulders with the ugly stick until it took form?

Kleavor looks like something that was dragged out of Skyrim’s Dwemer Ruins kicking and screaming, and to think they named it ‘Kleavor’, presumably because its arms… cleave things. This is Trubbish-grade naming quality.

I’m shocked and appalled by Kleavor, and hope that its appearance in Pokemon Legends: Arceus validates its existence. Sadly, I remain doubtful.


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