Get ready for the nostalgia...

18:16, 10 Mar 2020

The original Apex Legends map ‘Kings Canyon’ has returned! Until March 17th players can drop into the nostalgic island in the Deja Loot limited-time mode, a part of the System Override Event.

In the Deja Loot mode, loot on the map spawns in the exact same locations every match for a week, with only the circle locations changing daily. Photographic memories will be a big plus for players in these games. The Evo Shield is also still present in these matches, the brand-new (distinctively glowing) shield item whose HP increases the more damage you do to enemy players until it becomes stronger than even the epic variant shield.

Queue up the update, grab your squad and load into Deja Loot on Kings Canyon today.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

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