Kingdom Hearts' Sora Teased As Final Smash Fighter

Kingdom Hearts' Sora Teased As Final Smash Fighter
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28th Sep 2021 10:12

Few games are more mysterious than those in the Super Smash Bros series - especially in the era of Ultimate. The Fighters Pass has brought some unexpected but welcome additions to the eclectic fighting game’s roster, and as the final character to be added closes in, speculation is rife once again.

We theorised ourselves, with other teasers suggesting Doomguy from the DOOM series could make an appearance - but nothing is concrete... yet. Teasers have been giving us inklings of what to expect, and a new one claims that the next fighter could be yet another swordfighter, but this time, with an interesting twist.

New Teaser Suggests Sora For Smash

Sora Teased As Final Smash Character
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A leak has been posted to 4chan (we know, just take it with a pinch of salt) that suggests the arrival of Sora from the Kingdom Hearts series is coming to Smash. Prior to the Nintendo Direct that announced the final fighter would be revealed on October 5, the leak knew that the character would be revealed on this date when it was posted back on July 30.

"Actual info here: I work for Disney music, Nintendo called last week to request rights to several tracks from Kingdom Hearts to use in a 'digital event’ on October 5'", the anonymous source says. "Sora is the last Smash character."

The leak has gained its traction due to the fact that it predicted the date of the Smash presentation, but beside that, there’s no proof as to Sora being the final fighter. This would be a milestone moment for Smash, with the PlayStation character joining the world of Nintendo. If not Sora, who else could be joining the fight?


Who Else Could Be The Final Fighter?

Of course, the final fighter could still be Sora, but many fans are expecting (and hoping, frankly) someone that isn’t a swordfighter. There are plenty of gamers who expect Halo’s Master Chief to arrive in the game, whereas others think that FPS characters might be a bit of a stretch.

Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, and Ratchet & Clank are in many fans’ predictions, while Waluigi remains the wildcard pick despite his "deconfirmation" appearance as a trophy.

We can’t possibly know who’s yet to come until they’re officially revealed on October 5, however, speculation has been most of the fun when it comes to the Fighters Pass. Cheers for being so secretive, Sakurai.


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