Keep Your ‘Chorizo’ Stylish With Far Cry 6 Budgy Smugglers

Keep Your ‘Chorizo’ Stylish With Far Cry 6 Budgy Smugglers
Ubisoft | Budgy Smuggler

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Joseph Kime


30th Sep 2021 14:01

Far Cry 6 has gone all out with its promotional materials. It's made a very harsh turn into bumping Giancarlo Esposito as its big bad Anton Castillo. The chicken-themed ads are showing, that despite the political disarray that the island of Yara is experiencing, the PR team at Ubisoft still have a chance to show off the debauchery of Far Cry 6.

After the fallout from the debate around the game's politics has subsided, the team is clearly having a lot of fun with the game's promotions. And it looks like they’re about to take the silliness of their marketing to a new level with a clothing collaboration that might be more revealing of its models than the game’s content.

Far Cry 6 Reveals Budgy Smuggler Collaboration

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Budgy Smugglers

Ubisoft Australia has revealed its newest collaboration, this time with swimwear company Budgy Smuggler. The themed collection even includes speedos emblazoned with Far Cry 6’s new furry mascot, Chorizo.

The announcement reads:

“The partnership includes a collection of male and female swimwear inspired by Far Cry 6’s Amigos and the fictional setting of Yara. [...] The bespoke collection includes two swimwear styles in the traditional male ‘Smugglers’ and female one-piece 'Smugglettes' featuring Far Cry 6 Amigos, Chorizo, and Chicharrón.”

The items come in aqua blue for Chorizo, and solar yellow for Chicharrón. Lovely!

Where Can I Get The Far Cry 6 Budgy Smugglers?

If you fancy being the talk of the pool party (if you’re going to a pool party in late September, weirdo), you can pick up the swimwear from the Budgy Smuggler website starting today. You’ll need to fork over for shipping from Australia, which we dread to consider. However, if you’re dedicated to representing the Chorizo fan club at the next swim meet, it may well be worth it.

The speedos are a pretty wild way to promote your game, but frankly, we’re not shocked that this was next for the Far Cry PR team. The push for the game has been entirely unpredictable so far, and if there’s any more promotional materials to come, we’re sure we won’t be ready for it.


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