Warzone Wednesdays returns with some new faces such as Steve Aoki, taking on your favourite streamers.

17:00, 31 Mar 2020

Following the success of last weeks’ competition, Warzone Wednesdays will return this week with Steve Aoki teaming up with DrLupo and Wuskinz to take on some of the top Call of Duty: Warzone players. Courtesy of HyperX Gaming there will be another $20K up for grabs.

Last week saw JoshOG, HusKerrs and Diegosaurs swoop the prize in front of hundreds of thousands of fans. Streamed on KEEMSTARS own Twitch Channel, the likes of Nadeshot, Cloakzy and CourageJD teamed up in a bid to be the last team standing.

This week will see some new faces, as 16 teams will battle it out to see who can rack up the most kills. KEEMSTAR has hinted towards a restructuring of the format to keep your favourite players and streamers on for longer, which will hopefully see everybody on for at least five rounds, rather than people being eliminated after just one game.

There is also one team made from three chosen fans. Powered by Efuse.gg, anybody can apply to be in next week’s tournament at KeemPark.com, where he will choose 3 players to form a team to compete alongside the star-fuelled line-up. Each week a new team of fans will be chosen, with the hope that you can form a team worthy of the $20,000 and become a star yourself.

The full set of teams are:

  • Team 1 – TeePee, NoahJ456 & Aydan
  • Team 2 – SwaggerSouls, Fitz & BasicallyIDoWrk
  • Team 3 – Avalanche, Classify & Froste
  • Team 4 – Nadeshot, Cloakzy & CouRage
  • Team 5 – JoshOG, HusKerrs & Diegosaurs (Reigning Champions)
  • Team 6 – Avxry, TypicalGamer & 72hrs
  • Team 7 – FaZe Adapt, UglyGod & Censor
  • Team 8 – Vikkstar123, ProSyndicate & Itz_WarsZ
  • Team 9 – KingRichard, Ninja & TSM_Albralelie
  • Team 10 – Symfuhny, Greekgodx & Andy Pyro
  • Team 11 – NICKMERCS, Crimsix & SypherPK
  • Team 12 – castro1021, LosPollosTV & bateson87
  • Team 13 – dizzy, felo & trainwreckstv
  • Team 14 – DrLupo, Wuskin & Steve Aoki
  • Team 15 – summit1g, clayster & Emongg
  • Team 16 – Zuckles, McCreamy & NoisyButters

The tournament will kick off at 8pm GMT and can be viewed live on KEEMSTARS Twitch, or you can watch it from the viewpoint of your favourite star via their own channels.

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