Damon 'Karma' Barlow has teased at a return to competitive Call of Duty as a coach for Chicago Huntsmen.

17:05, 29 Jun 2020

Call of Duty’s most beloved competitor, and most decorated player ever, fell to the grim reaper that is Modern Warfare, earlier this month. Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow hung up his competitive sticks, leaving the Seattle Surge, and the CDL completely. However, in a recent podcast with Chicago Huntsmen CEO, Hector ‘Hecz’ Rodriguez, the three-times world champion has hinted that he would like to start a coaching career, possibly at looking over former teammates Seth ‘Scump’ Abner and Matt ‘FormaL’ Piper.

In the 90-minute long Podcast where they discussed topics from toilet paper to STI’s, the two spoke about Karma’s illustrious career, the background to his retirement, and the problems surrounding the competitive scene. In the closing scenes, Karma says “streaming is my number one priority. Then possibly coaching, because I do want to stay and have some ties to Call of Duty in some way, and I feel that will be a way where I can be impactful.”, before confirming “I’d like to coach”.

Hecz finished the podcast with what can only be inferred as an informal invitation to become part of the Huntsmen family:

“I would want us to reunite at some point or another. Consider my door always as an open door.”

Karma seemingly looked forward to this opportunity, stating that “I do like familiar faces”.

With Hecz as manager/CEO, Karma had a lot of success at OpTic gaming, winning his third ring as part of the dynasty, alongside Scump, FormaL and Dallas Empires Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter, on Infinite Warfare. Should they be reunited (with the exception of Crim), Karma has the potential to be a successful coach, in the eyes of Scump.

In a similar podcast with Hecz, Scump said that “When Karma spoke, everyone would listen. He didn’t shout often but when he did, you’d listen.” Showing that he already has the respect of the Huntsmen roster should he step into management.

Karma also left a crack in the door regarding a possible return to competitive Call of Duty. “Playing is last resort, I’d have to be blown away [by Call of Duty 2020], and I’d need a f****** good team to ask me to play, but I don’t see that happening.”, later adding “Who knows? But that’s like a very low chance”.

With the next steps in Karma’s career still somewhat unclear, a return to the CDL as a coach would be a warm welcome.

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Image via MLG

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