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10:49, 15 Feb 2021

So far, GTA VI is nothing but a figure of the imagination, a lucid dream that has evolved and warped inside the minds of millions of people. Whether the aspects that you dream of comes in the form of the flashy mobster cars, impromptu rocket-powered weapons, or a raunchy visit to Rockstar's elite level establishments, all aspects of a new Grand Theft Auto title are fabricated.

Rockstar has neither confirmed nor denied GTA VI, although its arrival is inevitable at some point in our timeline. With the underwhelming release of Cyberpunk 2077, many are now wildly anticipating an in-depth and explosive action-adventure game, leaving a void in the market in the shape of Trevor's truck. 

A recent job listing, however, may bring fantasies to life, as it appears Rockstar Games could be about to roll out the red carpet and premiere the title.

Rockstar Games are hiring a "Cinematic Gameplay Capture Artist", with the description diving into the roles and responsibilities; one being working alongside the video editing and trailer teams to "produce outstanding videos using exclusively in-game shots". Sounds very much like the development of a trailer if you ask us.


Rockstar Games do have many branches in their gaming tree, and with their current fifth instalment of the Grand Theft Auto franchise still being spruced up for its release on the next-generation consoles (Xbox Series Z/S and PlayStation 5), the Cinematic Gameplay Capture Artist could be working on a trailer ahead of this. 


However, with the scale of GTA VI rather than a next-gen GTA V being much larger, it is likely this new member of the Rockstar team may be working on the next instalment. The title is rumoured to be announced in 2022, giving adept time for the new member to whip up something truly mind-blowing for the worldwide premiere of the most anticipated game of the decade.


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Image via Rockstar 

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