Job Listing Hints Fable Reboot Will Be Built On 'Entirely New Engine'

Job Listing Hints Fable Reboot Will Be Built On 'Entirely New Engine'

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Katey Roberts


23rd Mar 2021 11:38

If you've owned an Xbox since the early days, then it's safe to presume you're no stranger to the Fable series. Based in the fictional land of Albion, the player can either complete the game as a Hero (with full Guild backing), or don their fancy villain horns.

Back in 2020, it was announced that not long after the Xbox Series X was released, there would be a brand-new Fable title included in the series - however this time it would not be spearheaded by Lionhead Studios, who developed the original three games (although let's not talk about Fable 2), and instead, Playground Games was announced as the new developers, having previously found success with the Forza series. 

However, a recent job listing has hinted that the new Fable game is set to be created using an entirely new engine - lending even more speculation that the game will be nothing at all like its predecessors. The job listing entails that the successful candidate will be 'working with a custom engine', and as Fable is Playground's first non-car driving entry into the gaming world, it's easy to assume that this role will likely be on the Microsoft classic - although it's important to note the application doesn't specifically state that the role will be working on the cult classic. 


When the new game was first announced, Aaron Greenberg, general manager of Xbox Games Marketing at Microsoft said: "To put the Fable franchise - and give it a completely fresh start - in the hands of one of the greatest game developers in the world, and also right there in England with Playground Games, is sort of a dream come true," 

"We're letting them get a fresh start with the franchise, and really you can see it's still got the classic British humour that's really true to the franchise, it's obviously going to be a role-playing game, we've got the best folks in the industry working on it. Today was just the reveal of the game, and we're excited to officially say Fable's coming, and we'll share more when we're ready." 

So despite the faeries and sprites - if Greenberg is to believed, Microsoft is going to stick to the core nature of the Fable series by keeping the cheesy British humour and role-playing, but will the new engine remove the unpolished charm of the game, or will it give the push into a future generation it so desperately desires?


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Images via Playground Games / Lionhead Studios 

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