Jessie has been announced as Dignitas' fourth member and content creator after signing from Oxygen Esports.

10:45, 29 Jul 2020

Connor ‘Jessie’ Lansink has signed for Dignitas as their substitute and content creator after they bought out his contract from Oxygen Esports.

The Rocket League streamer joins the star fuelled roster of ViolentPanda, Yukeo and Joreuz, and Virge as coach, before they kick off in the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Season X this weekend.

Jessie hasn’t competed in RLCS since Season 2 where he competed for Summit, finishing eighth in Europe. He also featured in the Season 6 RLRS side Savage who went on to win the league play, as he made substitute appearances in the roster that also included Bluey, Deevo and Alpha54.

However, he is one of the largest Rocket League streamers, with a massive 126,420 followers on Twitch, and 26,300 followers on Twitter, often making hilarious content whilst playing to a high standard in 3v3 and 1v1.

Known somewhat for his raging and memes alongside his raw talent, Jessie has now found his third home this year, after Reciprocity was disbanded to sign for Oxygen, and now Dignitas.

He is also one of the original professional Rocket League esports players, where he featured in RLCS Season 1 for The Flying Dutchmen, where they came fourth in the World Championships, losing to FlipSid3 Tactics, whom he’d later join as substitute.

With Joreuz just settling into the Dignitas roster ahead of a jam-packed schedule, Jessie will have to be on standby to make his competitive return, as substitutes may become more important than ever this season.

Dignitas will kick off in RLCS X on August 1, in stage one on the first regional event in the fall split.

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Image via DreamHack

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